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We spoke to Malaysian interior designer firm, InD’finity Design about their latest project the Greaten Bridge commercial space. They walked us through their inspirations and the ideas that went behind creating this eye-catching space.

Curating a commercial project is no easy task. The goal with these establishments is to create a one of a kind space that embodies the character and craft of the company while ensuring employees and patrons are comfortable.

InD’finity Design (M) Sdn Bhd was tasked with just that. The request from their client was to create a unique space that piques the interest of passerby’s as well as designing an effective office space.



The location of the project was a 3 storey building that is to be divided into different working spaces. The ground floor is allotted to the sales gallery section of the building. The layout of the space is also catered to ensure that loading and unloading products are convenient. The first floor is dedicated to the management offices and meeting rooms whereas the second floor is where the function hall is located. With the needs of the client in mind, InD’finity Design (M) Sdn Bhd decided to create a space that features different themes in each level that somehow all tie together.


With the ground floor being the central space, the interior designer decided to opt for an eye-catching centrepiece to gain the attention of visitors. Inspired by an oasis, they were drawn to natural elements such as the desert, the ocean, and blue skies. This is evident as we see green foliage cascading down the main lighting fixture. Below it lies stunning carpets that depict green grass and the blue ocean. All this is pulled together with the addition of a baby grand piano that oozes elegance and class. According to the interior designers, incorporating the piano wasn’t solely an aesthetic choice, as the establishment host parties and events in their space, the piano acts as a source of entertainment for the crowd.



Overall the ground floor features nature-themed decor that is paired with contrasting gold metallic elements to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that has a luxe appeal to it. As patrons move towards the reception desk, they have a glimpse of what the rest of the establishment will look like. The stand out black marble against gold trimmings give off an air of opulence. Moving towards the first floor, the theme continues with gold trimmings, marble top, and leather chairs. “We wanted to create a mature, stable, and efficient environment so we decided to use a dark monochromatic theme to get this concept across,” said the interior designer. The meeting rooms are all spacious and airy featuring various hues of brown while the open spaces flaunt contemporary furniture and decor.


The second floor which is dedicated to the function hall flaunts an open space that is bright and airy. In order to follow through with the ongoing theme of the previous two floors, the function hall features the lines and panelling from the ground floor while the monochromatic scheme is borrowed from the first floor. The inclusion of blue and grey chairs give the space a more playful tone while still remaining modern and classy.



The end product of this project is one of a kind commercial space that carries an ongoing theme of class, comfort, and elegance. But it wasn’t all rainbows and roses, the interior designers have to undergo various obstacles on the way. One of the major issues they faced was the lack of manpower that forced them to hire two separate groups of contractors to work on both the ground and first floor simultaneously before moving on towards the second floor. “We operated 7 days a week with an average of 10 to 12 hours a day to meet the deadline for this project,” said the designer. Mobility was an issue too as the workers weren’t allowed to use the elevators, so all materials and products were forced to be carried up the fire escape staircase. This goes to show that hard work and dedication always pays off as this project has become InDfinity Design’s pride and joy.

Want to see more of this interior designers work? Check out their portfolio or send in a request to connect with them.

Why you should care

We spoke to Malaysian interior designer firm, InD’finity Design about their latest project the Greaten Bridge commercial space. They walked us through their inspirations and the ideas that went behind creating this eye-catching space.

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