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A grand white piano takes centre stage at this stunning new family home!

Pins Studio is an award-winning interior design firm made up of a collection of experts who are passionate about design and aim to make homeowners’ everyday lives easier. According to Pins Studio, working with private clients allows them to understand their clients on a deeper level and better comprehend their perfect home prerequisites.

The firm recently worked on a home for a young family who desired a space that reflected their passion for music. One of their children is a music instructor who plays musical instruments. At the same time, another enjoys playing the piano, and making music is a vital element in the everyday lives of this household.

The interior designer opted to make the home owner’s grand white piano the living room’s focal point, creating a cohesive, large social room for the family. Using the piano to emphasise the acoustic qualities of the space, it stands proudly as the showstopper in the living room as you step into their household.

The home interior experts centered the living room around the piano, nestling it next to a full-length window as a reminder of how stunning art and nature can be in a modernist home. They also brought in marble elements to enhance the grandeur of the interior surroundings. Protruding gray patterns were custom-printed on the marble to define the undulating rhythm of the music. To make the music from the piano amble around better, the living area’s ceiling is concavely shaped, and high-gloss material like marble was used to reflect the sound well.

Bringing justice to minimalism as the significant aspect of the interior, the team worked to curate spaces that are more than meets the eye, like having camouflaging speakers implanted at the TV wall panel and a pair of back speakers disguised as spotlights at the living room’s edge. Plenty of storage space has been purposely concealed and tucked away around the living space to offer a minimalistic scene.

The heart of the residence is set against a white hue that is complemented by grey and brown tones for a sophisticated complexity. The colour palette creates a warm and welcoming ambience, forming a compatible surrounding for children. The overall living space flaunts, with large slabs of porcelain marble used to wrap the entrance foyer, around the island kitchen, and as the backsplash.

Glimpsing into the kitchen, you are snuggled into a comfy space that overlooks the children’s playroom. Royal gold pipes are installed for a tinge of class, overflowing with an ashy marble island adjoined with a soft brown hue wooden dining table, accentuating the overall aesthetic of the living area.

According to Pins Studio, “The grand white piano, paired with the main living space and island kitchen, make a dynamic trinity that resonates with the family’s basic routines.”

The children’s room features staple pieces of vertically textured backdrop illustrating a playful yet stylish décor. For a dash of colour, semi-circular timber pieces are attached on frequently touched surfaces, such as handles, due to being more stain-resistant. A perforated timber panel with wooden rods is installed as hooks and support for shelves, and the built-in closet is peeled away at one corner to allow a sneak peek at its shelves.

Various brown tones offer a beautifully soft, modest shade to suit the light aspect of the timbers.  This custom-designed kids’ furniture and integrated floor bed design look gorgeous in wooden settings, keeping the room minimal while being highly functional.

As you enter into the most intimate part of a household, the bedroom was no exception to the soft minimalist touches making the atmosphere serene and subtle. Custom-made loose furniture, including a work table and chair, complement the surroundings to elevate the room’s character.

More so, to achieve a more personal and romantic ambience, soft gray and brown shades were spread over the head bed with a touch of marble exteriors achieving a pleasant and dreamy feel!

Moving on to the bathroom, home experts believe this space should be more than just a functional area; therefore, the full-height windows in the master bathroom are a game-changer and a delightful contrast to the dark master bedroom. To achieve a more opulent mood, elegant interior features are added with a lilac marble floor, wall, double vanity, bathtub, and rain shower! Plenty of room is left to make way for plants, books, or other elements that the family might use to relax and unwind.

When minimalism is executed correctly, it creates a clean, tranquil setting that isn’t dull.  Minimalism implies meticulous curation and a clutter-free environment, both of which transcends beyond the visual, offering a peaceful, comfortable, and nurturing environment ideally best for households with children. The interior designers at Pins Studio truly embodied the theme with this home.

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Why you should care

A grand white piano takes centre stage at this stunning new family home!

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