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Often deemed as plain and simple, the colour white has long been underestimated. However, these Malaysian homeowners have beautifully incorporated this colour into their homes.

Some may think that white is a boring colour to work with but these Malaysian homes beg to differ. 

White is usually associated with goodness, light and cleanliness. So why not add those elements into your home?

Here’s a Malaysian home that opted for an all-white kitchen interior. Their white wooden cabinets exhumes a vintage style whilst the white tiled backsplash adds a classy yet rustic feel.


This home in Selangor went for a similar concept but accentuated it with white chandeliers, giving it an elegant style to it. Not too shabby to cook in, no?


When you have a small space to work with, choosing the right style and layout is crucial. That’s why this condominium in Penang designed their kitchen interior with a minimalistic style and a statement marble countertop to add a touch of luxe.


This open space layout combines both the living room and dining room, giving the impression of a bigger, more spacious home. Replicate this contemporary minimalistic Malaysian home in Kuala Lumpur by accessorising your living room with white pillows, a cosy rug, plant pots and light fixtures.


Alternatively, you could play with different textures by creating a feature wall using white bricks like this home in Johor.


This Ipoh homeowner opted to accentuate a luxurious classic charm to the living room by adding crown moulding and wainscotting to their walls, thus elevating its style further.


Put a modern contemporary spin on your bathroom’s interior design and brighten up the room by using a marble inspired finish on your walls. Follow through with a glossy white tub for you to soak in after a long day.


Bearing in mind how small the size of their bathroom is, this Malaysian home kept it simple by going the minimalist route. The plain white tiles give it a clean finish, making the room feel less closed in.


Incorporating a feature wall into your interior design does wonders. For instance, this home in Penang chose a white arebescato marble feature wall to give the all-white room more character.


Here’s a take on a more classic style for your bedroom. This bungalow in Johor styled their bedroom walls by adding hints of gold borders on the walls. Not forgetting the lush golden pillows, chandelier and curtains for a more majestic feel.


This Malaysian bedroom’s decor used a reflective oriental lattice feature wall to add a touch of contemporary Asian style to it. They also incorporated white wardrobe cabinets and a footstool which doubles as a coffee table!


Looking for ways to transform your walk-in wardrobe? Get ready in style by selecting a Scandinavian theme to spruce up your space. This homeowner in Petaling Jaya custom-made theirs with white cabinets and an aisle dresser, to make their space look chic and stylish.


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Cover image from unsplash.com.


Written by Melanie Abraham

Why you should care

Often deemed as plain and simple, the colour white has long been underestimated. However, these Malaysian homeowners have beautifully incorporated this colour into their homes.

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