Project Overview

Interior Design & Architectural Budget
RM 950,000
32 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 1,500,000
Nevermore Group 306D, Jalan Burma
10350 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
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Interior Design & Architectural Project Info

As for this project, our objective is very clear, we wanted to make the 15 foot width pre war terrace house into an open plan layout, to break away from the traditional pre war house layout. Therefore we divided the space into 2 zones; the common area for the ground level &personal & private spaces for the first floor. With this chosen layout we are able to maximize the usage & fulfill all the needs & requirements of the clients.
Ground floor, as we enter from the main entrance, we are greeted with the pantry & bar counter cladded in beautiful italian marble & complete with a pair of Reza Feiz's Bride's Veil bar stool ; the space serves as a pantry / bar to entertain & storage for the clients needs.
The living is housed further in the middle of the house ; to be some distance away off the main road. The dining is located beside the living right under the skylight; where ample of day light cast into the interior; perfect for energy saving through-out the day. As for the kitchen, all necessary facilities of a fully equipped kitchen are held within the smallest possible footprint at the end of the open layout. A hidden door that leads towards the back yard which consist of the laundry & powder room; as well as a sculpture like spiral staircase fabricated in mild steel finished with special rust.
First floor, with the chosen layout, we are able to maximize the bedroom size, equip with bathroom for each room which typical pre-war houses do not have. Generous panes of glass are utilized to turn ordinarily opaque walls transparent, providing generous views in some surprising places. Bedroom 2, the bath is rendered in the manner of a boutique showcase, with generous stretch of windows putting the freestanding tub on display in the air-well with an fully imported italian arabescato marble feature wall as the backdrop. Bedroom 3, we wanted created a sense of privacy for the guest, it is located 10 feet away from bedroom 2 and can only be access via the spiral staircase located at the far end of the house. The monochromatic basis of this bedroom is enhanced for eye pleasing variety with the introduction of greater range of wood tones in fabrics and architectural finishes.

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