Why you should care

From contemporary home living to commercial areas, ADMIRA laminates make for safe and practical spaces for all.

Ever walked into a room and felt the luxurious ambience of the space envelope you? You’re almost instantly inspired to bring this change into your life permanently, but… you’re not sure where to start, what to look at, or if it is even within your means. At ADMIRA, that change is welcomed and made possible.

Having spent decades in the interior furnishing industry, ADMIRA is dedicated to procuring surface laminates guaranteed to make heads turn and lives more manageable. The company is driven to recognise and solve modern-day residential and commercial setups issues by seamlessly integrating design possibilities and functionalities.

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What are surface laminates, you ask? Well, they’re an instant addition that can upgrade your entire space. Known more commonly as High-Pressure-Laminate (HPL), this material is produced by bonding different layers of paper and resin with heat and pressure. Aside from improving the aesthetics of the space, they’re known to improve surfaces.

So, why should you resurface with ADMIRA’S surface laminates? Because they feature three of the best products in the market right now, the CERARL, Traceless ®, and Xtreme series.

Here’s why you should invest in them.

They’re made to last.

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Unlike curtains and cushion covers that need regular changing, interior furnishing is something that sticks with its space over the long term. Keeping that in mind, ADMIRA is dedicated to only using durable materials to produce their surface laminates. The company only sources laminates that are of high quality and benefit the overall good of your surfaces.

CERARL: A prominent feature of the CERARL is its non-combustible core, made up of fibreglass, which gives the laminates its fire-retardant properties allowing surfaces to last longer. This laminate series is also lightweight, leaving you with a classic, clean finish while still being able to withstand the test of time.

Traceless ®: Impregnated with silver additives into both the overlay and decor layer, these laminates have an antimicrobial feature that has been scientifically proven to eliminate and prevent bacterial development. Alongside this feature, the dual-layer of silver additives ensures durability while preventing it from leaching out from the surface or being washed out.

Xtreme: For something a little more robust and hardcore, the German-born Xtreme laminate features an electron beam-cured (EBC) surface that provides a rich depth of colour, durability, and easy maintenance. Aptly named, this series is resistant to chemicals, which makes the surface easy to clean and maintain in the long run.

They’re functional and versatile.

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Worry not for ADMIRA has got you covered from wall to ceiling with their practical and reliable surface laminates. Each of the laminate series made available by the company provides a solution for your everyday problems or worries.

CERARL: Using state-of-the-art Japanese technology, the CERARL series was created to be a high-performance surface panel that withstands the test of time (and use). The innovative technology used makes the laminate surfaces fire-retardant, water-resistant, impact-resistant, and antimicrobial, all of which come together to ensure you have functional, reliable, and sturdy surfaces.

Traceless ®: This laminate is perfect for high touch areas where hygiene is essential as it lives up to its name by eliminating stains and smudges, be it in your home, the office, or even in public spaces. The Traceless ® laminate is also preferred in homes with young children due to its fingerprint-resistant and antimicrobial properties.

Xtreme:  Employing German technology, this series takes it up a notch by preventing food contamination with its food safety features. Xtreme protects surfaces from fingerprint traces and hand-traffic grease by presenting a distinctive tactile experience with a soft, warm, and velvety finish atop all the hardiness beneath it. The Xtreme series is made available in post-forming, which allows laminates to bend, giving them greater flexibility and versatility on walls and furniture surfaces, providing users with aesthetic and tactile appeal.

They have aesthetic appeal.

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ADMIRA is committed to delivering a visual feast with its refreshing array of timeless and chic designs. Their laminates come in various colours, textures, and finishes to encapsulate every detail of your dream space. Matte, to marble, to wood, to stone, ADMIRA has it.

CERARL, Traceless ®, and Xtreme feature carefully crafted collections with every texture and finish giving your surface a unique and ever-new finish. ADMIRA’s deco paper features 4K high-resolution printing with high-quality ink chemicals that leave you with laminate surfaces looking real, natural and bespoke.

They’re easy to install and are affordable. 

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Contrary to popular belief, redecorating does not have to be tedious, time-consuming and costly. ADMIRA promises a quick and seamless installation process at prices that won’t break the bank.  All three surface materials – the CERARL, Traceless ®, and Xtreme – are easy and quick to clean and maintain, making them the preferred choice for your space.

Beautifying your space with a purpose has never been easier. Time to bring life to your space with your choice of ADMIRA’s laminates today. Lasting, functional, affordable, exquisite, and fuss-free.

From contemporary home living to commercial areas, these laminates make for safe and practical spaces for all. Find out more about Admira’s series on their website.

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Why you should care

From contemporary home living to commercial areas, ADMIRA laminates make for safe and practical spaces for all.

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