A kitchen is only complete with the addition of a fridge, and we’re about to introduce you to a refrigerator that will make its way to the top of your wishlist.

The Samsung Side-by-Side Family Hub is an innovative product that will truly make the kitchen the center of your home. This intelligent product enhances your everyday life with its high-tech features that include a meal planner that lets you know what dishes you can make with the ingredients you have in your fridge!

Considering the pivotal role a refrigerator plays in your home, Samsung geared up to help make your life a little easier and save you a lot of time in the kitchen. The Side-by-Side Family Hub flaunts these five features that are sure to knock you off your feet!

1Meal Planner

It can be frustrating when you open your fridge and see the random ingredients without knowing what they can come together to produce. The Recipes and Meal Planner feature on the Side-by-Side Family Hub will help propose recipes based on your preferences and the ingredients you have in your fridge. This nifty feature will help cut meal planning time and help you get dinner ready in a jiffy!

2Inside View

Don’t you hate it when you do impromptu grocery runs, and you can’t remember what ingredients you’ve already purchased? Well, this new fridge will quickly help you solve that problem with the ‘View Inside’ feature. All you’ll need is a Samsung phone to access the Family Hub, where you will be able to take a peek into your fridge through the internal cameras. The Shopping List app also helps you coordinate your grocery run with the voice or touch command on the refrigerator. Simply notify your fridge of what you need, and it will synchronize the list to your phone.

3Family Board

The fridge is the heart of the home, and Samsung’s Family Board feature will help keep your family connected in more ways than one. The large display allows you to share news, videos, pictures and even notes with your family. Need to remind your family that you have a piano recital? Just put a reminder on the fridge door, and everyone is sure to notice it. The Calendar app on the display helps too; you’ll never forget another birthday (or anniversary) again.


The SmartView app allows you to watch any video or TV show you want! Imagine this, you’re suddenly tempted to bake a pie, but you don’t know how to; a quick search for a Nigella Lawson recipe, and you’re on your way to making that pie. Additionally, the app can also mirror the show playing on your Samsung Smart TV; this way, you won’t miss anything while fixing yourself something to eat!

PS: You can also hook your fridge up to Spotify and have a mini dance party in your kitchen.

5AI Assistant

Bixby is Samsung’s state-of-the-art AI assistant that does what you ask it to; set alarms, play music, ask for recipes, and more. Over time the device will learn your preferences and will better understand your needs. You can even connect the fridge to your phone, and Bixby will help you answer or make a call just by using voice commands.

Samsung truly understands its role in creating innovative products that will help elevate the lives of its users. The Side-by-Side Family Hub is an example of an all-in-one product curated to make your day-to-day life more manageable.

For more information about the Side-to-Side Family Hub, click here.

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