6 Home Projects the Whole Family Will Enjoy

6 Home Projects the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Nov 21, 2016
Why you should care

Keep the family busy while tackling the home’s to-do list!

School’s out and the kids are bored. That, plus a long list of chores to be done before the family visits for the holiday.

Getting the family involved in household to-do lists and holiday preparations are not only a great way to get things done, but also a wholesome way to bond.

Here are six home projects you can trick, I mean, entice the whole family into.

1 Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t un-fun per se, it just has bad marketing – that’s what you’re telling your kids anyway. Getting the family cleaning doesn’t just get the house clean, it also instils a sense of ownership in every member of the family.

To make it more fun for younger kids, hide treats like candy, cereal, or cut up fruits around the house. Tell the kids that the more areas they tidy, the more treats they’re going to find.

Easter egg healthy snacks

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For older kids or stubborn spouses, offer incentives in the form of end-of-day rewards like a dinner of their choice (one they aren’t allowed to eat often, like pizza), plus dessert! You can also offer individualised gifts, such as a wish-listed boardgame, a mobile game app purchase, and more.

Collect items in separate laundry baskets or storage boxes first, before sorting and organising them. Be in the same room as you’re cleaning, or occasionally check in with the children. You might be surprised to unearth hidden gems like conversations about favourite books.

children spring cleaning

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2 Photo Gallery

Whether it’s a photobook for the coffee table or an actual feature wall in the living room, get the kids involved in photo galleries! Go through vacation pictures or old family albums and have the family pick out their favourite pictures to display. This gets the family involved in matters of the home and is sure to set up conversations about good or funny #throwbacks.

Ready decorative items like glue, beads, rope, and paint to decorate the book or photo frames. If you’re worried about getting a hodge-podge of frame styles, then make sure to only provide curated materials in a certain colour theme so that the frames will look similar.

diy photo collage

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Besides pictures, children can also paint and display their art.

3 Paint a Wall or Furniture

Painting is fun and can certainly be DIY-ed. Get the family involved by getting them to vote on a wall colour (if it’s a common area), and by choosing a colour (if it’s their own room).

Get older family members to help with the setup, painting, and cleaning; and younger family members with laying out newspapers or tarp, and painting the lower walls.

family pain wallIf not walls, pick old furniture that need a makeover or fresh coat of paint. If it’s your child’s dresser for example, plan the look of the dresser with your child beforehand. This gives the child a sense of ownership for his/her things, and makes for great bonding time!

4 Work & Play Station

A dedicated (home)work and play station in the family room keeps the clan in the room while allowing different members to do their own thing. Think desk, chair, drawers, rug, beanbag, and more. Instead of setting up this area on your own, get the kids to do it – especially if they’re the ones who will be using it the most!

Kid study table

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Get them to pick their own furniture, decorate storage boxes and toy chests, and DIY items like pencil holders. Plus, think about how you’ll win their hearts for 3 seconds when you announce “We’re getting a play station!”.

5 Vegetable Garden

You don’t need an actual garden to grow your own vegetables, all your need are indoor edible plants. Projects give the family something to talk about and bond over. Have your family members pick out their favourite vegetables, herbs, or even flowers and buy starter kits from your local supermarket or nursery.

herb garden

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Growing and harvesting the garden will give the family something to look forward to, teach them lessons on patience and the rewards of hard work, and give you vegetables! Congratulations on killing three birds with one garden pebble.

6 Make or Decorate Your Own Candles

Candles give the home a cosy ambience, especially this cold season. Purchase candles from Ikea or Muji (the scented ones are a real treat!), mason jars or glass containers from Daiso, and colourful sand or beads from Daiso or craft stores.

DIY Funfetti candle

SOURCE: sewlicioushomedecor.com

Get decorating! Search for candle inspo online, sit the family around the dining table or coffee table, and get creative. Not only will you help the kids pass time, you’ll also have cheap and handy holiday décor!

Why you should care

Keep the family busy while tackling the home’s to-do list!

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