It's All In The Details: An Eye-catching Retro Vintage Bar

It’s All In The Details: An Eye-catching Retro Vintage Bar

Lydia Lohshini by Lydia Lohshini on Jun 17, 2020
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Take a peek into this one of a kind bar located in Jaya One, Kuala Lumpur that boasts antique furniture, custom-made fridges, and a 1970’s NYC vibe.

Nostalgic and retro vibes swirl in the air when you walk into Hop Beer Bar in Jaya One. The establishment has a feel-good ambience to it that almost immediately makes you want to sit down for a pint. Intrigued by the design concept, we spoke to Pivot Studio the interior design firm behind this eclectic space to find out more about what inspired this space.

Speaking to Sue Ann, the co-founder of Pivot Studio, she enlighted us on the requirements provided by their clients. The owners wanted to create a bar which offered craft beer that customers could easily grab from the self-service fridge. Alternatively, customers could also opt for a freshly poured pint of beer at the bar. Sue Ann says “our client mentioned that he was inspired by the nostalgic corner street stores in New York. So to incorporate this, we blended the aesthetics of street shops in NYC with the existing industrial structure in Jaya One to create a one of a kind interior.”

The bar was curated in a way that encourages flow and mobility to ensure that patrons have a comfortable space to gather. To ensure that everything has a place, Sue Ann and her team created three separate spaces, the al-fresco area, which is located in the vicinity of the shop lot but to give it a more outdoor feel, they connected the space to the mall corridor to attract the attention of passerby’s. The space features high ceilings, ample lighting, and a semi-transparent sliding door that unveils the establishment.

The exterior of the establishment features a vintage vibe, flaunting neon signs and an industrial flair that is bound to lure you in. Once you enter the bar, you’ll see a zig-zag bar space that was designed to encourage interaction. The interior designers also incorporated booth style seating that was inspired by old school American diners. To cater to larger crowds, they designed a more secluded space at the back of the bar to house private gatherings.

Speaking more about the design inspirations and materials used, Sue Ann mentioned that before embarking on this design journey, they dug deep into vintage western designs to have an idea of the style they want to convey. In order to create the right vibe, the interior designer said “We used natural materials such as galvanized iron, zinc plate, copper pipes and chequered glass to create the details within this space. For instance, the galvanized iron, zinc plates and stainless steel tabletops reinforce the industrial theme, the copper pipes aid in supporting the lights and the bar counter.” These elements have all come together to give the bar an old school industrial look that is captivating.

Additionally, in order to embody the vintage theme, Pivot Studio designed custom tables and chairs to match furniture designs from the 1970s. Sue Ann proudly exclaims “ None of the tables was bought.” They used a lot of brass and chrome materials for its structure as well as incorporated dark green and tan leather for the upholstery to give the space a 70’s feel. The air-conditioning ducts were also left exposed to further embrace the vintage feel. “Every detail was purposefully executed,” said the interior designer. This is evident as there are a number of custom-made pieces throughout the bar. They even had the fridges specially designed to replicate those that belonged in old school bars. The bar counter is fashioned out of an oak timber frame and stainless steel to further complement the overall theme and aesthetic.

Sue Ann further explained that they decided to incorporate various neon signs into the bar to further enhance the nostalgic retro vibe of the establishment. The neon lights paired with the red brick walls are classic bar staples in the olden days. A custom made neon bar panel was curated using chequered glass as the light casing with zinc plate and copper pipe joints which are supported by industrial black steel hollow rods. The neon LED lights also change colour at different times of the day they create a different ambience.

Aside from the neon lights, another interesting addition that caught our attention on the premises were the various other lighting options. The interior designers proudly noted that “the wall lights by the booth seats and the pendant lights seen in the al-fresco area are all antiques sourced from Bangkok. The wall lights used to be used on boats and the pendant lights were actually from barbershops; it even has the word ‘barber’ engraved on it. Another antique component is the three stools in the private lounge area.”

This establishment most definitely carries the perfect balance of old and new elements, with both antique pieces and custom-made fixtures that come together to create a one of a kind bar. It is evident that Pivot Studio doesn’t hold back when it comes to providing their clients with top-notch services, ensuring that no detail is too small to overlook.

Stay tuned for part two of this feature story where we delve into the design style of Hop Beer Bar’s partner establishment, S’mores Restaurant and Bar.


Why you should care

Take a peek into this one of a kind bar located in Jaya One, Kuala Lumpur that boasts antique furniture, custom-made fridges, and a 1970’s NYC vibe.

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