Most of us dream of having our own home theatre system, but how many of us can afford it or have enough space in our household to do so? Well, now you can make that dream of yours true with Samsung! The brand has produced a projector that treats you to a mind-blowing cinematic experience at the comforts of your own home in split seconds.

The Premiere LSP9T is Samsung’s first Smart 4K UHD Ultra-short throw Triple laser projector, a modern device featuring the latest smart home theatre system. If you are keen on an all-new home cinema experience, then here’s why this smart creation is ideal for you!

Maximum Screen Size In A Minimum Space

You can effortlessly enjoy the high-quality picture by placing it wherever you want, from a coffee table to a chest of drawers, without taking up much space. This high-end premium projector simply needs 11cm from the wall to provide a 130-inch max display allowing you to make optimum use of the space in your home with absolute ease.

 Cutting-edge Laser Light Source Technology With 4K Visual Resolution 

Samsung’s Premiere LSP9T Triple Laser Projector features one of the most advanced and cutting-edge laser light source technology, providing you with an outstanding viewing experience. The projector comes with a Triple Laser (LSP9T) that overcomes colour constraints while offering your eyes a 4K visual resolution on a 130-inch max screen.

Designed To Bring Harmony To Your Living Space

This projector is a real deal for minimalists or movers on the go because it needs no external screen. The laser projector can be projected on a flat white or bright monotone wall. For a better cinematic feel, it is advised to use a screen designed for ultra-short-throw projectors for a more optimal experience.

All-in-one System With Built In Woofers And Acoustic Beam

What is a cinema without rich, immersive audio? Samsung’s premium projector works as an all-rounder with built-in speaker and woofer systems. The Premiere LSP9T is equipped with the same Acoustic Beam applied to the Samsung Sound Bar. Fully equipped with stereo speakers, the projector eliminates the necessity of additional speakers as it is designed with Acoustic Beam, woofers, and tweeters to enhance your viewing experience with an immersive room-filling sound throughout every scene in your movie. Total 44 Sound Holes facing the top, left, and right deliver exceptional audio quality that treats you to a realistic sound experience anywhere!

Delivers Bright And Clear Viewing All Day

The Premiere LSP9T laser optical technologies create a whole other level of 2,800-lumen rated brightness. Experience a true home cinema system with bright and clear pictures even in the daytime. Differences in the projector brightness create differences in detail; hence, the newly added New single Laser and Triple Laser optical technology of Samsung promises to provide a much brighter screen than other players on the market.

Displays Vivid Scenes On A Wide Screen With Advanced Filmmaker Mode For A Better Cinematic Experience

The versatile premium projector offers richer and sharper colours, allowing you to appreciate each scene more vividly, thanks to extra MEMC that makes movie motions more lifelike with 16bit 3D Color Mapping. You would be able to enjoy the brilliant and sharp visuals of a great home theatre system in absolute crystal clear motion any time induced by projector brightness variations of the day!

Samsung’s Premiere LSP9T 4K Triple Laser Projector is the real deal. The projector offers everything you need for a perfect home theatre system as an all-rounder. So go big with your movie dreams in any corner of your home with this multifaceted projector today!

Easy and Quick To Control With Smart System

Samsung’s The Premiere LSP9T operates on SmartThings connectivity. The Premiere LSP9T is extremely simple and convenient to use, especially with Bixby voice control and the Tap View option to mirror smartphones on a larger screen (which is technically your wall). iPhone users, we hear you! Using Airplay2, you are given easy access to take control of this legitimate versatile projector by mirroring your iPhone or Mac on the screen, displaying high-quality video through a compatible app, and streaming audio on its high beam speakers.

With the smart UI and Apps, you can experience various smart content on the device. As soon as it is set up, users can access the Smart things feature, enabling them to sync their account in a snap, and the screen begins playing your desired movie or show in 10-20 seconds. OTT Services such as Netflix and YouTube are supported, offering countless content. Furthermore, while running a game, you can have an enhanced gaming experience with Game Enhancer technology providing realistic images through seamless motions.

Find out more about The Premiere LSP9T on Samsung’s website or head to the nearest Samsung store. 

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