Metal roofing is becoming more and more popular, and if you’re not jumping on its bandwagon, then you’re seriously missing out.

While traditional roof tiles offer a classic look, metal roofing comes in trendy, rustic designs that will suit the modern home. With other plus points going for it – durability, cost effectiveness, and versatility to name a few – it’s time to consider metal!

We spoke to the guys at BLUESCOPE ZACS® – the leading metal roofing brand from Australia – to learn about the unique advantages of metal structures.

Rustic is the New Black

metal roof bluescope zacsWhile roof tiles come in limited colours, metal comes in many different colours to suit your taste. They offer a rustic look that is all the rage with contemporary and industrial homes. Even if you have a more traditional home design, metal roofs can contrast well with your space.

In fact, metal can be roll-formed into various shapes and designs to mimic traditional roof tiles. What’s more, BLUESCOPE ZACS® NATURAL™ range is made with a unique wrinkle texture to match the texture of natural tiles like stones and slates. This means that you’ll enjoy the aesthetics of a traditional roof with the durability and cost efficiency of metal roofs!

Friendly on Your Bills

In Malaysia’s eternal summer, your family and air conditioner bills will thank you for installing metal roofs. They reflect heat and solar well, reducing indoor temperature and improving energy efficiency.

metal roofThis is especially the case for BLUESCOPE ZACS®  COOL™ range which comes in 21 equally cool colours of greens, blues, browns, and neutrals.

Lasts a Long Time

Your home is a long-term commitment, and so your roof should be too. BLUESCOPE ZACS® uses advanced anti-corrosion technology to coat steel with an optimal combination of aluminium-zinc alloy, resulting in superior durability.

bluescope zacs metalWhen put through a 240-hour salt spray test, BLUESCOPE ZACS® showed zero traces of corrosion. This, along with a 10-year warranty against corrosion and perforation makes it suitable for use as roofing and other exterior structures like walls and canopies.

Compared to roof tiles, metal roofs are more resistant to fire and water. It doesn’t burn, combust, or collect stagnant water, making it fire-resistant and less prone to leakage than traditional tiles.

Fuss-Free Maintenance

New homes always look great, and the true test is in how long they maintain their looks. When tested in outdoor Malaysian weather, BLUESCOPE ZACS® NATURAL™ range maintained consistent colour and appearance. Its wrinkle texture also prevents dirt from accumulating, meaning that your roof will always look spick and span.

This, along with its durability means that you’ll enjoy your metal roofing and structures for many, many years, without a need for replacement. Having said that, when you do need a replacement, BLUESCOPE ZACS® has hundreds of stockists nationwide, making replacements convenient and accessible.

Want to get in on the metal trend?

Consider BLUESCOPE ZACS®. Made with Australian technology, its premium quality steel boasts SIRIM, SIRIM Eco-Label, and ISO certifications. Additionally, every piece is tested for consistency in terms of tensile strength and colour stability. Opt for metal when it comes to your roof, walls, ceiling, canopies, and more.

metal ceiling panelFind out more about BLUESCOPE ZACS® here.

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