31 Alternatives to Your Traditional Christmas Tree

31 Alternatives to Your Traditional Christmas Tree

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Tired of the ordinary? Give your traditional Christmas tree an alternative makeover this year.

Christmas isn’t Christmas till it happens in your heart, but home is where the heart is so tldr: it’s time for tree shopping!

End this unconventional year on an unconventional note with one of these unconventional trees.

Upright Trees

Christmas tree alternative

SOURCE: revistacentral.mx

Instead of a full tree, loop thick, green garlands around an easel and top it off with a star.

Christmas tree alternative

SOURCE: architectureartdesigns.com

If you’ve got the time, hang a carefully uncoiled wire from the ceiling on which you can hang baubles and trinkets. Make sure your wire is strong enough to hold its shape!

paper Christmas tree

SOURCE: thefashionmedley.com

DIY this easily by topping a lamp stand with two black paper cones for a look that’s great for the minimalist interior.

Ikea Christmas tree

SOURCE: crafthubs.com

You can also opt for a store bought paper tree that’s especially great for a child’s room or a rambunctious party.

book xmas tree

SOURCE: ohmaidarling.files.wordpress.com

Alternatively, borrow inspiration from the tree of knowledge and build yourself a book tree.

Ladder Trees

ladder xmas tree

SOURCE: liveinternet.ru

stepladder xmas tree

SOURCE: yosiquese.com

A ladder tree is ideal if you’re looking for a Pinterest-ish, rustic vibe. Keep decorations simple, or within a similar colour scheme.

Tabletop Trees

If you’re short on floor space, opt for a smaller tree that you can place on a side or coffee table.

potted xmas tree

SOURCE: ohmaidarling.files.wordpress.com

Decorate potted fir branches with Christmas baubles to detract from the fact that they’re not attached to an actual tree.

ribbon xmas tree

SOURCE: architectureartdesigns.com

A Christmas tree made out of extra red and green ribbons or crepe paper lends a festive air to your surroundings despite its small size.

chalkboard Christmas tree

SOURCE: hgtv.com

Have a console table that’s too narrow for a physical tree? Use chalk to draw a tree behind the table – we swear most of your guests will do a double take.

Shelf Trees

bookshelf Christmas tree

SOURCE: frenchbydesignblog.com

ledge Christmas tree

SOURCE: terrysfabrics.co.uk

Experiment with different wall panels and shelves to create a Christmas tree that you can both hang and place items on.

shelf Christmas tree

SOURCE: notonthehighstreet.com

wall Christmas tree

SOURCE: thatmfeeling.blogspot.my

If your shelving unit has large pockets of space, you can even forgo the decorations and fill them with presents.

vase arrangement xmas tree

SOURCE: hgtv.com

Dress up a drab shelf unit with vases, books, or trinkets in a similar colour scheme to create a one of a kind tree.

Wall Trees

bauble xmas tree

SOURCE: verawedding.net

pine leaf xmas tree

SOURCE: dentelleetfleurs.com

Create a 3D tree on your wall with baubles, pine leaves…

crepe paper xmas tree

SOURCE: cloudsofcolour.com

fairy light wall xmas tree

SOURCE: thestylebox.nl

…crepe paper, or even fairy lights!

driftwood xmas tree

SOURCE: conceptrends.com

pallet xmas tree

SOURCE: minimalisti.com

Stay close to the original wooden version with a tree made of driftwood or pallets.

chalkboard xmas tree

SOURCE: coolcrafts.com

If you have a chalkboard in your office or playroom, there’s no reason you can’t have a tree (or three!)

gallery wall xmas tree

SOURCE: fashion-landscape.com

Gallery walls are all the rage currently – fashion your tree with the help of our favourite black and white pictures and quotes.

collage xmas tree

SOURCE: bellenza.com

trinket wall xmas tree

SOURCE: plushrugs.com

Create a tree that’s all yours by collaging your favourite items together. This can also be a fun activity for the kids; you can get them to create their trees on large canvas boards.

wallpaper Christmas tree

SOURCE: artyhomestudio.files.wordpress.com

board Christmas tree

SOURCE: frenchbydesignblog.com

Take the art a little further with abstract trees made from crepe paper.

Personalised Trees

If you’ve got a hobby or talent that you’d like to share, what better time than Christmas? ‘

measuring tape xmas tree

SOURCE: upcycled-wonders.com

craft tool xmas tree

SOURCE: hgtv.com

You can use the tools of your trade to create a tree. This is especially great in a place of work.

pages Christmas tree

SOURCE: creatuaire.blogspot.my

If the book tree wasn’t your thing, display your love for reading with printed pages from your favourite tome. This also works with song and lyrics sheets, or even drawings.

kitchen crockery xmas tree

SOURCE: norsewhite.blogspot.my

Use removable hooks to put up a tree that reminds you of your favourite part of Christmas – the food. Put it up in the dining room where dinner guests can help themselves to cutlery and crockery.

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Why you should care

Tired of the ordinary? Give your traditional Christmas tree an alternative makeover this year.

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