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面积为1390方尺的The Seed位于新山市五福城。有别于其他住宅环境,计师通过反转基本的居家设计概念,以粗犷与细腻并容的设计风格,重新定位生活美学,展现极具个性及魅力的空间质感。一入屋内,不经多加修饰的原材质像是诉说着崭新的生命故事般,以视觉为入口,营造意想不到的空间体验。


有别于一般住宅,The Seed的地面材质以打磨水泥面与木地板相配合,让材质的冷暖转换直接与体感链接,提升人们的触觉质感,增添空间变化与感受。此外,设计师也卸除多余的吊顶装饰,让过去被认为粗鲁的管线外露,且以粗犷、质朴的铁管及铁网材质为引导,突显空间的层次感。室内光感方面,设计师则舍弃了灯罩或华丽的灯饰,返璞归真地直接将电线外露的数颗灯泡组装,搭配轨道灯及暖色色调,型塑自然不拘的视觉韵味。


At 1390 square feet, The Seed is located at the suburb of Taman Sutera, Johor Bahru. If you are looking for a visually forward-thinking way of redefining aesthetics, there are overlaps of daringly wild yet exquisite features in The Seed. Stepping into the house, the raw materials speak for themselves, radiating a new life while creating an unexpected visual experience.

The front door design is boldly created using the material from container boxes. Whereas, the walls from the entrance all the way to the living room are created using architectural concrete without any layers of paints, appreciating the original rawness of the materials. Other than that, the designer also balanced the colour temperature of the room by using red bricks to contrast with the grey tone of the cement. The warm rays of the sun shining through the floor-to-ceiling window cast a glow onto the space and creates a homey feeling.

Compared to the usual houses, The Seed's flooring material is made of cement and wood. It does not only enhance the barefoot walking experience, but creates a different visual rhythm of the space that encourages recondite expectations. Without lots of hanging decorations, the designer exposed the perceived ‘rough’ elements, such as electrical lines, pipes and metal nets to instead highlight their layering effects. As for the indoor light source, the designer opted for lightbulbs without any adornments, by complementing the warm tones with spotlights to accentuate The Seed’s natural charm.

The kitchen space is not an alienated area by itself, but the continuation of designer’s wild yet sensory stimulated awareness with red brick walls, black cabinets and mosaic prints. The kitchen is gorgeously centred with only a contemporary kitchen counter and the connecting metal pieces hanging on the ceiling, extending from the centre of the living room to the kitchen counter represents the raw beauty of the original structure. The usage of wooden cabinets, cube-shaped lighting and the sprinkling of green plants within the space proceeds rich visual elements through this industrial design. The Seed embraces rawness in materials and yet creates a casual, relaxed ambience. It is a therapeutic space that you want to come home to.

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