Why you should care

Make the best of your home workouts.

Celebrities have access to top personal trainers and interior designers, so where better to look for workout space ideas than their home gyms?

May these inspire you to get back on track with setting up that home gym and fulfilling your health resolutions for the year.

Michael Bay’s Work(out) With a View

Michael Bay home Gym

SOURCE: architecturaldigest.com

Take a cue from award-winning director Michael Bay and design a gym with a view. Even if your house doesn’t overlook scenic hills, orient your machines to face the windows so you won’t feel like you’re working out in a trapped space.

Add to the feeling or airiness by using large windows and glass doors, a trick that’s especially useful for more petite spaces. Designing a gym you will enjoy hanging out in will give you that extra pump in your (glider) step.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s Efficient Space

Tom Brady gisele bundchen gym

SOURCE: architecturaldigest.com

It’s no surprise that superstar quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bündchen have a fully equipped gym. While the gym is sizeable, it also uses space efficiently, lining up weights and equipment in three parallel lines with walk ways, allowing movement and traffic. Even ceiling space does not go to waste, as it’s fitted with a monkey bar.

To copy the design, arrange your equipment according to workout and leave room for traffic so you won’t bump into a housemate or even worse, a dumbbell.

George Clooney’s Spa-Like Gym

George Clooney home gym

SOURCE: architecturaldigest.com

The Ocean’s Eleven star’s stylish gym is one place you won’t mind sweating it out at. Stylish and reminiscent of a spa, it’s proof that gyms can look inviting and match the rest of the home.

Mark Wahlberg’s Boxing Rink

Mark Wahlberg boxing rink

SOURCE: Huffingtonpost.com

Whether it’s to train for his boxing movie, The Fighter, or that boxing is just an activity the actor enjoys, having your favourite sport anchor your gym is a good idea.

Most of us don’t have space for a boxing rink, so we’ll need to get creative. How about a punching bag that won’t take much space? If basketball’s your (space) jam, then a hoop in your front yard might make sense.

Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn’s Mirrors

Kurt russel goldie hawn home gym

SOURCE: architecturaldigest.com

Mirrors are paramount in a gym – you tend to only realise this when they’re not there. They help you check your form to make sure that you’re performing your movements right.

While mirrored walls might be too extravagant for a smaller space, use oversized mirrors instead.

Mary J. Blige’s Motivational Images

Mary j blige home gym

SOURCE: architecturaldigest.com

Sometimes you just need a bit of motivation to get you to work out, and hip hop queen Mary J. Blige is no exception with images of sports heroes in her gym.

If it’s a quote, picture, or poster that motivates you, then frame it up as décor. This also adds personality to your workout station!

DJ Khaled’s Refill Station

Dj Khaled home gym

SOURCE: architecturaldigest.com

Grammy award-winning DJ Khaled knows to minimise distraction at the gym. By setting up a water station and a laundry basket for fresh or used towels, he won’t have an excuse to leave the gym in the middle of a workout, thereby ridding temptations to ditch exercise time.

Set up a mini water station where you can put your Bluetooth speakers, towels, and even a cosy seat to rest in between sets.

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Why you should care

Make the best of your home workouts.

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