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KING has been innovating and curating products for over 40 years to ensure comfort, support and quality.

With restrictions easing, travelling might be at the forefront of your mind. Many individuals who have been homebound for almost two years are more eager than ever to see the world and perhaps bring a trinket or two of their travels back home. Instead of keychains, dreamcatchers, or ornaments, why not incorporate your travel living experience into your home. Think luxe beds like in 5-star hotels, sun-loungers like in Langkawi, or even comfy sofas you’ve lounged on in your international travels.

Australian furniture brand KING encourages homeowners to bask in comfortable yet luxe furniture in the comforts of their own home. The brand’s innovative team has curated furniture and decor that tells a story, not just about your taste but your experiences as well. You’ll be able to bring your vacation home with you with a myriad of their stylish pieces.

Check out some of our favourite pieces from KING that make us feel like we’re still on vacation while being at home.

Jasper II Sofa

If you’re still cautious and don’t want to commit to far-flung travel plans, we think you should invest in the Jasper II instead. This sofa will feel like it was made just for you. With almost five decades of groundbreaking Australian design and innovation, sitting on this sofa will take you back to that feeling of sinking into a plush seat after hours of travelling, easing all your tense muscles.

Jasper II from KING on Vimeo.

A key feature of this product is that the sofa is modular, you can convert the Jasper II to suit the requirements of your home and needs, plus you can add on the smart charger table that will make low phone batteries obsolete. Engineered for comfort, the sofa is backed by a 25-year steel frame warranty and even comes with over 200 premium fabrics and European leather finishes that you can select. You can seamlessly customize your sofa to fit the style and feel of your home.

Longevity in steel from KING on Vimeo.

Issho Dining

Want to feel like you’re dining in Tuscany amidst the lush greenery and vibrant ambience? Then we think the Issho Dining series is perfect for you. The product’s simple yet sophisticated look will give your home an immediate upgrade. The premium timber veneer, the curved pillars, and rounded edges complement each other, creating a sleek and stunning piece.

The Issho dining series features a six-seater, an eight-seater, and even a lazy susan dining table. KING offers various dining chair options that pair with this dining table series, giving you the ability to create a distinctive dining table set for your home.

Bellaire Bed

You’ll be feeling like the Prince of Bel-Air with this tailored bedhead and base. The low-profile padded bedhead provides comfortable support and comes with Smart Pocket™. This feature comes with customizable options to include accessories, including Lume light and Smart Tables with the option of wireless charging.

Just like the sofa, this piece can also be tailored to fit your aesthetics with your choice of premium fabric or European leather. Paired with the Sleep+ Mattress, you’ll be feeling like royalty in no time!

Luna Outdoor Chair

These lounge chairs take us back to coastal views by the balcony enjoying sunsets and calm vibes. Now imagine this set on your balcony or in your garden, where they will help you reminisce about your favourite vacations. Stylishly designed in partnership with contemporary furniture designer Charles Wilson, this chair, although made of steel, will cocoon you, making you feel at ease.

If you’re worried about the weather, fret not – KING Outdoor has spent years perfecting their furniture to ensure that they’re engineered against the elements like no other.

KING has been innovating and curating products for over 40 years to ensure comfort, support and quality. The brand also prides itself in ensuring that sustainability is at the forefront of its company. Products are manufactured with longevity and waste management in mind, producing purposeful and timeless designs.

So, whether your preferred getaway is a local beach, desert oasis, lush mountains or a tropical paradise, you can always recreate your favourite locations at home with furniture pieces that have been designed with your comfort and support in mind. KING will help bring your wanderlust dreams to you.

Want to check out what KING has to offer? Visit the KING IPC & Bangsar Showrooms or go to their official website for more information.

Why you should care

KING has been innovating and curating products for over 40 years to ensure comfort, support and quality.

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