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Pushing the boundaries of glass design, CLV Glasstech fosters creativity amongst emerging designers with Malaysia’s first Creative Glass Furniture Design Competition.

In a spectacular showcase of innovation, CLV Glasstech recently hosted its inaugural Young Designer Award 2024 in Kuala Lumpur.

The event, themed ‘Reflection of Creativity’, highlighted groundbreaking glass furniture designs, marking a new era in Malaysian interior design. Held at iN Design Lab, this pioneering contest marked a milestone as Malaysia’s first-ever glass furniture design competition. It provided a platform for emerging designers to showcase their innovative ideas for furniture using glass and mirrors.

Josh Chew, the visionary leader of CLV Glasstech, shared the company’s bold mission: to revolutionise spaces through the innovative use of glass and mirrors. “We see these materials as blank canvases,” Chew explained, “ready to reflect individual imagination and transform any environment.”

Adding to the excitement, marketing manager Elaine Soh unveiled CLV Glasstech’s ambitious new direction. The company is set to launch a range of artistic glass solutions, aiming to reshape the landscape of interior design. “We’re not just making products,” Soh emphasized, “we’re creating new possibilities for designers and homeowners alike.”

Ten rising stars in design presented their works at the Young Designer Award 2024, showcasing the immense potential of young talent. The student submissions included a rainbow-inspired table that showcased beautiful reflections, modular furniture pieces offering flexibility for modern living spaces, and an innovative hydro harvester that championed sustainable design principles. These diverse entries, alongside the other creations, highlighted the limitless possibilities of glass in furniture design.

The competition entries were evaluated by a panel of industry luminaries, including iKO iN, founder of iN Design Lab, Cayenne Lim, co-founder of A Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd, and Alex Lee of Nu Infinity alongside Josh Chew, COO of CLV Group of Companies. Their thoughtful deliberations led to awards in four categories:

  • Gold Award: “The Whimsy Chair” by Eushuen Tong – a playful yet sophisticated piece that captivated the judges.
  • Most Creative: “Mystic Depths” by Tan Hong Zhao – pushing the boundaries of glass as an artistic medium.
  • Most Practical: “MEGA” by Aric Neo – blending functionality with sleek glass aesthetics.
  • Best Concept: “HydroHarvest” by Leong Kon Li – a design that reimagines sustainable living spaces.

Each category winner received an RM1,000 cash prize, while the Gold Award recipient earned RM3,000, full prototype production sponsorship, and the exciting opportunity to spearhead a complete room makeover project.

Throughout the event, attendees had the chance to explore a curated gallery of unique glass samples, providing hands-on insight into the material’s versatility. Looking to the future, CLV Glasstech announced plans to create job opportunities for young designers, fostering the next generation of creative talent. The company is committed to making this contest an annual event, fueling continuous growth and innovation in Malaysia’s design scene.

The Young Designer Award 2024 demonstrated that when it comes to glass in design, possibilities are limitless. From functional furniture to artistic installations, glass is poised to play a central role in shaping the aesthetics of living spaces.

This competition marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Malaysian creativity. With CLV Glasstech leading the charge, the future of glass in design looks brighter – and clearer – than ever.

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Why you should care

Pushing the boundaries of glass design, CLV Glasstech fosters creativity amongst emerging designers with Malaysia’s first Creative Glass Furniture Design Competition.

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