Malaysian homes are a beautiful blend of cultural influences and modern sensibilities. But what truly elevates them is the use of signature materials that are not only stunning but also reflective of the country’s rich heritage and natural beauty.

From intricately woven textiles to hand-carved wood, these materials add warmth, character, and a touch of the exotic to any space. Check out five of these key design elements and where you can find them to incorporate into your own home!

Beautiful Batik 

Batik is known in Malaysia for its intricate designs and rich heritage. The traditional textile has evolved from being a staple attire to versatile home décor, batik fabrics offer endless design possibilities. Whether adorning cushions, draperies, or upholstery, batik infuses spaces with a sense of tradition and sophistication.

Where to buy?

Shop batik homeware from Batik Boutique, which features unique and modern batik in reversible placemats and coasters that elevate your home decor!

Reviving Rattan 

Ratan holds so much nostalgia for many Malaysians who grew up in households that featured rattan chairs, side tables, and even decor. The material makes a triumphant return to modern interiors, adding rustic charm and natural elegance. From iconic rattan chairs to contemporary furnishings, this versatile material enhances both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Where to buy?

Ruma, the home furnishing store, features gorgeous upgrades of traditional rattan furniture and decor. 

Trendy Terrazzo

Terrazzo, a material beloved for its durability and distinctive speckled appearance, has long adorned Malaysian homes with its timeless beauty. Be it flooring or countertops, terrazzo adds character and sophistication to interiors. This charming material is also an easy way to add pops of colour to your space.

Where to buy? 

Terrazzo Malaysia by Marble Emporium Sdn Bhd is the hub for a wide range of terrazzo series that help enhance residential and commercial designs. 

Timeless Teak 

Teak wood, known for its exceptional quality and timeless appeal, holds a special place in Malaysian homes. The material is renowned for its durability and resistance to decay, making teak furniture and accents exude a sense of luxury and refinement. With proper care, teak pieces become cherished heirlooms, embodying the enduring legacy of Malaysian craftsmanship.

Where to buy?

Natural Edge curates timeless bespoke works of art using ethically sourced logs from around the world. 


Bamboo is a popular choice for eco-conscious Malaysians because it grows quickly and is environmentally friendly. Its versatility and strength make it a unique material for various home applications. Think sleek bamboo flooring, stylish furnishings and decorative accents, as bamboo infuses interiors with a sense of tropical charm and modern sophistication. 

Where to buy?

Bamboo Tech prides itself on being a one-stop shop. From sourcing bamboo to creating bespoke pieces of furniture and decor, they can do it all. 

Whether it’s the intricate designs of batik, the cosy feel of rattan, the enduring elegance of teak, or the sustainable appeal of bamboo, each material brings its own unique charm to our homes. So, whether you’re looking to honour tradition, embrace sustainability, or simply add a touch of Malaysian flair to your living space, these signature materials are here to help you create a home that’s both beautiful and meaningful.

In search of interior designers who can give your home a Malaysian flair? Get in touch with reputable interior professionals here.

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