Working from Bed is the Best! Here’s How to Get Comfortable

Working from Bed is the Best! Here’s How to Get Comfortable

Why you should care

It’s time we admit that we all work from bed and just want to be as comfy as possible without being judged.

Experts say we’re not supposed to work in bed, but let’s be honest: we all do it because it’s awesome and we should just find ways to do it better.

We think of working from bed as a temporary bad habit, and therefore don’t invest in appropriate furnishings to make ourselves more comfortable. Leave achy backs and strained eyes behind because it’s time we acknowledge that the bed is the workspace we all need and deserve.

Build for Mobility

Drawers for Your Work Items

bed with storage



At the end of the day, you want to remove all traces of work before powering down for the night. While your bed may be big enough for your strewn laptop, notebooks, and half-eaten box of chicken nuggets, these things remind you of work-related stress and make it hard for you to see your bed as a place for sleep and rest.

The solution: drawers under or behind your bed where you can quickly put away your items; it’s best to unplug and pack up at least 45 – 60 minutes before bedtime.

Power Outlets

You will need multiple power outlets for your laptop, modem, and phone charger among other things – let your contractor know in advance about your requirements so that they can be installed behind your bed or in headboard recesses.

Keep in mind that you will be hopping in and out of bed throughout the day to have lunch and go to the loo, so replace your cords with retractable options that won’t get in the way.

Build for Comfort

A study at the Savannah College of Art & Design determined that the best position for working with a laptop is lying down in bed with the device on your lap and your knees elevated.

Adequate Support

Unlike a normal sleep pillow, your work pillow should be long and firm enough to provide contoured support from your lower spine to your shoulders and back. You should be sitting up as straight as you would in a chair. Remember to get off your butt and walk around every hour!

back support bed pillow


leg support pillow


We recommend memory foam wedge pillows that support your back and keep you upright – look for pillows that have arm rests to support your arms and elbows as well. Pair with a matching knee wedge to keep circulation going in your legs.

reverie bed


Pro-tip: for larger budgets, we love adjustable bed frames like the ones from [Reverie]( These award-winning beds allow you to control the exact contours of your mattress with the touch of a button and are designed to blend seamlessly into your décor, unlike most reclining beds.

Laptop Desk or Pillow

laptop table


Your laptop screen should be at or just below your eye level, so you don’t have to flex your neck by more than 15 degrees. Ergonomic tables that can be adjusted for height and folded away when not in use are great for bed use.

If you’re building your own bed frame, we suggest building a flip-down table into the headboard on the side of your bed that you do not sleep on. This is great for additional work items like notebooks, pens, and post-its.

laptop pillow rest


A laptop pillow works better if you move around a lot from bed to sofa to toilet. This provides support while absorbing heat to prevent thigh burns on no-pants Thursdays.


Good lighting is important to avoid straining your eyes; you want lights that don’t cast shadows or create glare. We like recessed can lights that provide even lighting without being too harsh. Install them with a dimmer that can be turned down once office time is over.

bedside lights


Alternatively, lamps on both sides of your bed – attached to an extended headboard or placed on an elevated side table – can provide adequate light for when you’re working on your laptop, writing in your notebook, or digging under the mattress for the ketchup packet you lost last week.

Why you should care

It’s time we admit that we all work from bed and just want to be as comfy as possible without being judged.

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