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Be inspired by this modern contemporary home in Kota Kemuning, Selangor that was designed by award-winning interior designers, The Grid Studio.

Step into a modern contemporary home in Shah Alam where wood and white unite beautifully. Harmonious Living is a 3,230 sq. ft. home designed by The Grid Studio that embraces comfort and family living. 

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The light-filled living and dining area unfolds as you enter the semi-detached home, featuring warm and comforting neutrals. The open layout, paired with natural light, creates a welcoming embrace for all who enter. Additionally, the custom-built shelving that lines the walls becomes a focal point as it adds character and invites connection. The exposed shelving that is home to decor, trinkets, and memorabilia acts not only as a form of personal expression but also as conversational pieces. 

The choice of wood and white is no mere coincidence. Inspired by the client’s desire for a tranquil haven, this pairing exudes just that: wood provides warmth and comfort, its knots and grains personalised by nature’s artistry. In contrast, white’s purity offers a sense of tranquillity. To avoid monotony, the award-winning interior designers at The Grid Studio incorporated texture. Various materials can be found within the home: smooth marble, cool glass, rough-hewn stone, and more, all add to the visual depth and personality without compromising the overall look and feel of the space.

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Continuing into the kitchen, the white and wood theme is visible in the seamless cabinetry and the eye-catching kitchen island that steals the show! The island’s gentle curve adds a touch of whimsy, and its white countertop mirrors the home’s clean lines. Sitting in the centre of the open space, the kitchen island acts as a hub for gathering, meals, and conversations. 

Moving into the bedrooms, the commitment to comfort and personalisation is evident. Each bedroom is a personalised sanctuary for relaxation. The designers have carefully chosen furnishings and decor to suit individual tastes while maintaining a cohesive design language. Whether it’s a cosy reading nook, a stylish workspace, or personal artwork, each element contributes to a harmonious blend of style and function.

The master bedroom, in particular, stands out as a multifunctional haven. Combining elements of work, leisure, and relaxation, it’s a personalised space tailored to the owner’s lifestyle. The careful curation of furniture, lighting, and accessories ensures a seamless integration of functionality and comfort, making the master bedroom a true retreat within the home.

Not forgetting the children, the family home also features a combined playroom and study area for the younger members of the household. Cleverly separated by a sliding door, this space allows for both creativity and focused study time, adapting to the evolving needs of the growing family.

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The Harmonius Living project exudes a sense of tranquillity enhanced by warm earth tones and an air of elegance brought in by the wood and white elements. Alongside the design theme, spaciousness was another key element, allowing rooms to breathe, while curved elements from the kitchen island to the bedroom archways and cabinetry added a touch of organic fluidity to the home. Overall, this project by The Grid Studio is a testament to thoughtful designs and spaces curated with the occupants in mind. 

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Why you should care

Be inspired by this modern contemporary home in Kota Kemuning, Selangor that was designed by award-winning interior designers, The Grid Studio.

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