Project Overview

Interior Design Budget
RM 300,000
12 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 3,100,000
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36, Jalan Irrawaddi Pulau Tikus
10050 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

[Stay in the beautiful Zen style house! Combining humanistic wood and delicate light luxury stone, interweaving a warm and elegant lifestyle]

Project -Light Collection
Style- Light Zen
Design By- Norm Design Studio

Homes, along with the life experiences, preferences, tastes, and ideal pursuits of the residents, can always show diverse styles through the hands of designers.
The homeowner likes the texture of solid wood furniture and loves reading. The female homeowner likes meticulous light luxury aesthetics, especially It is a combination of natural stone and titanium-plated metal; the designer integrates the needs of the two people to create a home area that combines art, humanity and elegant aesthetics.
In the open public area, a large number of warm wooden tones are used to lay the space base, echoing the humanistic atmosphere, and paired with gray-toned sofas to reflect a calm and restrained atmosphere; the ceiling is decorated with tilted titanium-plated beams, supplemented by delicate light strips to create a delicate atmosphere.
The TV wall is made of with selected color patterns, and the cabinet facade is extended on the side with a black background and white water patterns. The dark and light tones echo each other and are full of interest. The bottom of the TV wall is connected with a wooden grille and the side wooden-toned glass cabinets, with lines and Transparent partitions extend the field of view.
Stepping into the restaurant area, you will be guided by grilles and lamps to depict the Japanese style; the deep marble countertops are paired with titanium-plated cut glass cabinets to create a wine cabinet design with a low-key luxury feel, creating a wine cabinet that combines beauty and functionality. Aesthetic feast.

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