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Project Overview

Interior Design Budget
RM 300,000
12 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 900,000
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36, Jalan Irrawaddi Pulau Tikus
10050 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

[The TV wall is left and right! The design of the spacious horizontal hall creates a two-way audio-visual space, an ideal life where watching dramas and playing video games do not interfere with each other]

Project -Quay West
Style- Modern Concreto
Design By- Norm Design Studio
Interior Designer- Deric

Modern people are under a lot of work pressure. To maintain a comfortable marriage relationship, the design of home space is very important!
The house is planned in accordance with the needs of the owner. It breaks away from the common open living room design and adopts a horizontal hall design with a more fluid flow and a two-way sofa. In the living room, walls are planned as TV walls. In the public area different audio-visual entertainment functions, female homeowners can watch dramas in the living room, and male homeowners can enjoy video games and relax in the same space.

The main walls of the TV adopt different materials and design techniques. Dark marble is used with titanium-plated metal display racks. The dark building materials weaken the presence of the TV, and the modern and fashionable display space next to it highlights the dolls collected by the owner.
It is created with a personalized design An exclusive entertainment space for male homeowners. The female-dominated TV wall is painted with a special brown paint, full of artistry like an oil painting; the stainless steel substrate outlines a modern sense of fashion, echoing the open cloakroom made of titanium-plated metal on the right.
The kitchen area uses a Changhong glass sliding door to create flexibility between the kitchen area and the living room. The large-scale island is paved with custom-made ceramic tiles. The gradient kiln-fired tiles interpret the changes in the gray scale and portray the fashionable atmosphere in the urban residence
. The ceiling adopts the original formwork design to create a sense of simplicity, and hides the total heat exchange system and the whole room dehumidification system. A comprehensive design is achieved under the basic decoration, laying the foundation for the luxury design of modern urban houses with both function and beauty.

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