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RM 200,000
6 weeks
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Interior Design Project Info

The condominium is designed with functional space in mind. The flexibility of rooms is further enhanced with the use of removable walls system set between spaces, enabling residents to reconfigure the interior layout to their liking.

The proposed concept aligns with the recent design trends-“ Industrial-Chic”, which preserves the original of materials to be used in the sustainable construction. Pastel color-scheme is proposed as it is creates a calm atmosphere yet highlights the characteristic of materials.

The proposed layout introduce dual-key unit to be located next to the study room, which provide the flexibility to combine bedroom 1, study room, and studio room into one whole family unit at Ground floor; or to merge two rooms into one studio cum common space, or a bigger bedroom that merge with study room.

The Duplex-unit is designed with functional space in mind by relocating the studio room, and all spaces are further enhanced with the introduction of removable wall system between spaces, offering the occupants options of merging rooms or otherwise reconfigure the interior layout to their liking and needs, including the ability to obtain a more spacious living for entertaining. This layout creates opportunity for buyer to own a home that caters for multi-generations living under the same roof and yet giving all their due privacy.

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