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Interior Design Budget
RM 1,000,000
8 weeks
Completion Year
USJ , Selangor
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Developer have already begun shifting their focus to one-bedroom units and studio apartments, smaller and affordable unit. Designers are having an exciting challenge to maximize the use of limited space to fit all needs.
The 7500sqf site is located within an empty office unit at Subang Jaya, Malaysia, consisting a spacious sales gallery and 3 units of show rooms. Designer have given these three show units a theme each: 370 sqf Artist room, 454sqf musical room and 609sqf photographer’s room. The layout design is versatile yet practical that allows buyers easily convert home to office or vice versa. Each studio spaces contain creatively designed furniture that serves multiple functions, allowing the occupants to fully express their creativity in utilizing the spaces.
For example, the beds can be transformed to serve other functions, such as study table, display, storage. It is also possible to hang a separation wall that separates different rooms when events take place. In the musical themed room, the full height slide & fold partition separate the gathering area like dining from bedroom which provides total privacy even in small shell. Furthermore it can be turned into a writing wall when the need arise. The modern long customized cabinet has also been improved, and can be used as both the wardrobe and for dining purposes.
Furniture that are in vibrant colored, such as in bright yellow, lime green and stunning blue, and the full length feature mirror also significantly enhance the impression of a larger space. Brighter colors make smaller shelters appear spacious. Dark colors present an impression that is tired and heavy. The show units are decorated with distinctive artworks that camouflage the huge columns. The space is further accentuated with a bright yellow cantilevered ceiling above the show units, giving contrast of the unit’s colors that leads the visitor's eyes. The cantilever ceiling panel , carefully designed to a specified angle, also serves as screen that conceal unsightly mechanical ducting above, ensuring it will not been seen from eye level. The show units are further enhanced with decoration that are designed at every corner to give different kind of ambience to encourage visitors to post the images via online social media as indirect marketing that directly approaches to the targeted communities.
The sales gallery welcomed visitors with a large yet slick concrete counter, where green planter boxes punctuates it to soften the approach. We modified OSB board into dynamic shapes on the horizontal and vertical surfaces yet maintain their original aesthetic. Long custom made hammock seating next to pool table creates an extraordinary experience for visitors to interact with others during their visits at the sales gallery, a different approach from common gallery where people come and go without being in contact with the environment and people.
The show unit plus sales gallery, was designed to impressed buyers from all age, especially millennials, to own a space for inspiration; Live, play, work and study all under one roof. That's where we create the new self-sustained and self-contained environment.

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