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RM 300,000
18 weeks
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Ativo Plaza B-3A-6,Block B, Ativo Plaza No 1, Jalan PJU 9/1, Damansara Avenue, Bandar Sri Damansara
52200 Damansara
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

The house owned by a family member of four. Father, mother, a daughter and a son. This project involves extending a semi-detached property.

"Form Follows Function, Leading Emotion" was a guiding principle in crafting the intentional abstract forms. These forms were purposefully crafted to evoke feelings of serenity and calmness, drawing inspiration from various shapes. Rooted in the psychology of form, it's understood that the square signifies stability, the unchanging essence of matter, robust foundations, and a sense of order. Consequently, it upholds the tenet of volumetric composition in the physical work, playing a pivotal role in establishing solidity, dependability, and resilience, thereby transforming the space into a realm of harmonious coexistence. These components not only elevate the visual aesthetics but also contribute to enriching the spiritual and emotional well-being of the inhabitants.

The standout feature of this residence lies in the open kitchen seamlessly integrated with the tranquil surroundings of the site. Its design serves as a welcoming gesture to the environment, capturing sunlight through strategically positioned vertical windows on one side. The incorporation of an open kitchen concept not only facilitates improved ventilation throughout the entire house but also establishes a direct connection to the outdoor yard. The suggested skylight serves to decrease the dependence on electricity throughout daylight hours. While we incorporated green initiatives to a limited extent, our primary aim was to optimize the utilization of natural light.

In accordance with the client's specifications, we embraced a white-themed strategy. The monochromatic color scheme takes inspiration from the moments between dawn and sunrise. The rising sun embodies the prospect of a fresh start and signifies the transition from darkness to light. This gradual shift, ranging from the understated to the striking, is emblematic of awakening, optimism, and boundless potential.

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