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Interior Design Budget
RM 800,000
16 weeks
Completion Year
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The Cara is derived from the Latin word “Cara” which means darling, beloved, dear and friend. We wanted to create a boutique hotel concept that celebrates the warm relationship and special memories between loved ones.

Nestled at the foothills of Kopungit and the touristy city of Kota Kinabalu, The Cara is an embodiment of Wabi Sabi Philosophy with a deep connection to nature and the earth. Embracing imperfection, each corner is aesthetically designed while maximising its comfort and functionality.

Wabi Sabi philosophy which is deeply rooted in Japanese culture sees the application of earthy and muted colour tone that convey a sense of enveloping luxury and comfort. For The Cara, we selected a harmonious balance of browns, greys, beiges, with the element of natural materials, reclaimed timber, ceramics and textiles.

Highlighting a selection of luxurious bathtubs, each room in The Cara is uniquely designed and inspired by the natural wonders of Sabah.

Fitted with intuitively crafted features and bespoke furnishings, “The Stone”is inspired by enigmatic caves and the majestic Mount Kinabalu. Tread through the beautiful seashores of Sabah and exquisite mangrove rivers while staying in “The Oak” and “The Shore”. Blown away by the exhilarating views in magnificent rainforests of Sabah as you unfold “The Twilight”, “The Mist” and “The Dusk”.

The Cara centres around the appreciation of the beauty of natural imperfection. It is about the aesthetic of things in existence that are “imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.”

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