Project Overview

Interior Design Budget
RM 300,000
4 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 295,000
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Interior Design Project Info

Byondwave is a consulting, technology services and outsourcing company mainly focusing in SAP to serve various business industries. They have were looking for trustworthy contractors that can help them create a cozy work space on their expansion. With the welcoming green scenery upon arriving the office, it has given a better start of the day. Along with clean, Scandinavian colour themes surroundings mixing with colourful funky furniture, it transforms an ordinary office into a more visually soothing & attractive work environment. Mixing the the walls with a few neon lights signage with motivational quotes, the walls pop up. The utterly fun break out area for the colleagues to take a break between a hectic day, it’s a smashing company to work with!

Interior Design Works Included

Interior Design Project Areas

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