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Interior Design Budget
RM 260,000
6 weeks
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Interior Design Project Info

A new co-working space experience with added value as a showroom for UT Robotics with the theme ‘minimalist futurism’. This space is specially designed to best showcase the company’s robotic products while providing a functional co-working space. A combination of cool tone materials selection plus colourful acrylic with lighting manipulation as a special feature. The design inspiration is derived from the elements of a light spectrum that symbolises futurism and technologies which complements back the company’s identity. Colourful acrylic has an ombre effect as the special element was inspired by the range of different colours produced when light passes through a glass prism. The office space planning is categorised by different zone (Red zone: individual desk, Green zone: open-air bench, Blue zone: collaborative workspace). The union of clean design features and the play of light creates a minimalist and futuristic ambience.

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