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Line2pixels Studio Sdn Bhd A-7-2, Sunway Giza Mall
Jalan PJU 5/14, Kota Damansara
50480 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
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With only 1,030 sq ft to play with, some interior designers might find it a challenge to fit in every wants and needs of the occupant while still keeping the space aesthetically pleasing but not us. Not only did we take the challenge of limited space in our stride, we also worked with the odd angle of the apartment to present a home that belies its size and provide spades in design aesthetics. Our goal is to create a dream space by marrying ideas with realist views – employed the ‘less is more’ ethos to bring out the best out of this space. Focusing on space, colours, and simplicity to give the unit a more spacious interior, this home is comforting and welcoming without appearing sparse. Using white as the dominant hue for the entire apartment, pop of colours interspersed within the interior adds contrast and freshens up the space.

Walking into the unit, the living and dining area greets the eye but instead of looking like one big space, the two areas are beautifully defined. The living area houses a forest green sofa settee that offsets the white backdrop. Behind the sofa settee, lies the dining area where the dining table and overhanging lighting in timber texture adds a spot of nature to the space. Adjacent to the dining area, a ribbed glass door framed in black slides open to a study area that receives plenty of natural light from the ceiling to floor windows. The clever addition of timber tones to the space gives it a warm vibe A door leads to the kitchen that is done up entirely in white but instead of coming across as clinical, it exudes sophistication. Simply furnished to hold essentials necessary to a kitchen, the space is planned and designed to make cooking a breeze. White brick tiles add much needed texture to the area.

The bedrooms within this unit, although small are cleverly designed to ensure the no space is wasted including the odd angles. Using the odd angel to their advantage, the team at Line2Pixels has positioned the built-in cabinet to use up the space while a small dresser adorns the other side of the bed. This room too receives plenty of sunlight thanks to the windows. The other bedroom follows a similar vein where the room furnished in simplicity is complemented by crafty design idea where sunlight streaming in gives illusion of roominess. Both bedrooms have modest art pieces and pastels to break through the pristineness of the space and for aesthetic purposes. The bathroom too takes on the moderate vibe of the unit to ensure the design idea is seamless. Using a natural tone for the walls of the bathroom accentuates the black and white tones within the space. This home is the perfect embodiment of a well-edited abode that gives its occupants room to breathe. With a neutral color scheme, this space is anything but cluttere

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