Project Overview

Interior Design Budget
RM 2,100,000
32 weeks
Completion Year
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Interior Design Project Info

“Rich patterns and textures that communicate the business”

The Brief

 To create an impressive and modern office that reflects the business of the client which is in the oil & gas industry

The Site

 A very unusual award winning and iconic GBI rated building designed by ZLG

 Floor plates vary from floor to floor and the windows looking out of the building seem to be laid in a haphazard manner

The Design Rationale

 A nautilus shaped reception was designed to create a dynamic space that contrasts the angular shape of the building, allowing the designers to create an impressive sweeping backdrop wall that separates the internal corridor from the reception

 Rich patterns in the form of wood grains, organic patterns and textures dominate to convey the richness of the interiors and the business of the client

 The circular waiting area connects with the sweeping curved wall perfectly and creates a cozy and inviting lounge

 The curved reception counter in opaque and translucent light emitting synthetic resin echoes the organic treatment to the backdrop wall which exudes a stunning symphony of curves and organic shapes that closely mimic the corporate branding

 Organic patterns and forms are used in the office to soften the space and create a warm and welcoming interior

 Rooms were carefully designed to “hide” the obtrusive columns of the buildings while ensuring maximum views as per GBI requirements through the use of glass walls

 A warm color scheme permeates the interior, giving the space a rich yet contemporary “look” which is necessary due to the high number of important visitors coming to the office

 Thoughtful space planning has resulted in a highly functional office; the ability of the office to connect to the subsidiary office’s Boardroom and Executive Toilets which are shared was carefully planned in a way that visitors will not realize when they are in the subsidiary office space

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