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DAA Design Associates Sdn Bhd 149-01 Mutiara Emas 10/19
Taman Mount Austin
81100 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
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JWC the Factory 30 虽隐身于新山Mount Austin的工业区内,但其室外利用红色的油漆,高调却又不失格调的让人能一眼就认出。其室内采用了强烈的工业风格,不仅充分利用原工厂高挑的特点,还加入集装箱,铜管,铁器,原木等元素,充分的展现工厂特色。此外,利用对铁板阁楼的运用,在即不影响整体空间感的前提下,最大限度的增加待客量。

The Factory 30也融和了咖啡加工中心及推广咖啡文化的概念。四处高挂的麻布咖啡袋,象征咖啡工人辛劳的汗水,而一架架咖啡器材象征着先进和现代社会的发达进步。让人可以在品尝咖啡时深深感受到时代的转变,也让人们感受到咖啡的历史。


Tucked away in an unassuming industrial area of Mount Austin Johor Bahru, JWC The Factory 30 Cafe appears as an inviting red building, unmistakably the most eye-catching landmark in the mundane district. With the bold statement of rustic-industrial style complemented with great ceiling height, this creative space reveals a series of elements such as containers, exposed pipes, iron materials and raw wood, all brilliantly incorporated into this charming cafe. In addition, the industrial mezzanine floor accommodates a larger capacity to the cafe, making efficient use of this unique space without sacrificing aesthetics.

The Factory 30 cleverly blends the concepts of coffee processing workshop with advocacy for coffee culture in the local community. Gunny sacks hanging from the high ceiling are reminiscent of the sweats and toil of coffee workers, whereas the state-of-the-art coffee equipments and machines epitomize the modern contemporary era where the coffee culture thrive.

The V-shaped coffee bar counter at ground floor takes centre stage with its open concept design, bringing the baristas closer to the coffee lovers. Not only it encourages interactions, the customers also get a glimpse of how a gourmet coffee is handcrafted, from raw beans to the aromatic cup of coffee, in the hands of a skilled artisan. On the other side, there are containers featured as glass display, showcasing a variety of coffee machines and products. It almost feels like the most intriguing coffee museum welcoming us with a good cup of coffee, right on the spot. The Factory 30 is truly a satisfying feast for all senses.

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