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The result is a stylish black and wood element that relies on small details instead of larger-than-life elements to make it desired statement. As expected of the main social space, the living area balances class and comfort with its combination of urban and homely furnishings. The black matte panel behind the television creates a striking contrast against the grey sofa.

The chrome hanging unit as an informal partition that separate the living area and kitchen area which is decked out in pure black. Unusually, it is the dining area which perfectly captures the core concept to the extreme. Illuminated by three pendant lightings, the dark wood dining table,bench and grey fabric chair here make this space the perfect setting for refined family meals.

Bedrooms are places where we spend one-third of our lives to rest and maintain good health. They area our private sanctuaries that should allows us to have peace mind. The master bedroom use Grey sheetd to matched with the interior grey tones to create a calm sleeping areas. One eye-catching expectation is a smaller bedroom which has a palette dominated by shades of beige and white tones.

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