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Interior Design Budget
RM 120,000
8 weeks
Completion Year
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UG-32, PJ Midtown Jalan Kemajuan,
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

For this project, the client wanted a Zen and Muji-inspired with a modern look, a relaxing haven to retreat to after a tiring day at work. The interior is displaying a great ability to work with Zen Lux as a guiding concept through curved forms, rounded edges, marble slab, high quality wood laminate and custom made furniture.

The original plan was built with diagonal walls and windowless dry kitchen. Counter balancing the existing identity, the kitchen door is replaced with sliding door in textured glass, creating an area differentiated by ceiling heights to separate the zone, full height black mirror inlaid for a light effect that elevates the dining area, wooden curved partition acting as boundary between living and the dining area. From the first glance, the herring bone flooring is the main key to display a welcoming dynamic flow, subtle yet looks especially smooth with white walls. The large dining table and L-shaped bench which are designed to cater to the client's lifestyle, a space for work, study, entertain and dine. The ceiling-to-wall wooden panel creating a frame, making the marble island more pleasing and warm.

Another highlight of this project is the sense and control of the proportion that gives a feeling of rest, balance and tranquility in shapes and forms. For instance, the curved wall partitions, the curved TV console, the long dining table, the stylish sofa and coffee table - every element brings a unique but very cohesive visual variation. It is a winning combination to achieve modern luxury look and to make it even more pleasant to live in.

The interiors should be cozy, timeless, simple yet luxurious. We create a peaceful living space, with furniture repositioning and simple lighting adjustments, to bring a sense of calm, comfort and a Zen environment.

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