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Interior Design Budget
RM 430,000
6 weeks
Completion Year
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Whooh by NADI Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. Lot 4-401 & 4-402, Level 4, The Starling Mall No. 6
Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
47400 Damansara Uptown
Selangor, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

Creating Tranquility and Harmony: Earth-tone Pilates studio

Project Location: Jade Hills, Kajang
Design Concept: Earthy Elegance
Project Type: Shoplot
Design & Build: Whooh Design by Nadi Worldwide Sdn Bhd

Welcome to a serene haven of wellness and rejuvenation, where the art of Pilates meets the beauty of earthy tones and thoughtful design. This 2300 square feet Pilates studio is a testament to the seamless integration of nature-inspired elements, custom carpentry, and elegant aesthetics. Every aspect of the studio is meticulously crafted to provide an inviting atmosphere that promotes relaxation, focus, and a sense of connection with both the self and the surroundings.

Design Concept:
1. Earthy Elegance
Rooted in the essence of the natural world, the design concept centers around the use of earthy tones, creating a soothing and harmonious environment. A palette of brown and beige dominates the walls and ceilings, invoking a sense of warmth and grounding. Light wood flooring spans the space, evoking a natural, organic atmosphere that welcomes clients into a serene escape.

2. Curved Delight
The studio embraces the softness of curves, featuring curved walls and arched entrances that flow seamlessly throughout the space. These architectural curves not only add visual interest but also provide a subtle sense of movement, mirroring the fluidity of Pilates exercises.

3. Terracotta Oasis
The heart of the studio lies in its reception area, where a curved-edged high counter takes center stage. Wrapped in custom-made terracotta tiles with milky nude tones, the counter exudes elegance and charm. A laser-cut signage, positioned atop the terracotta tiles, offers a sophisticated focal point that immediately captures attention.

Design Highlights:
1. Instagrammable Moments
The Pilates studio is adorned with two captivating Instagram-worthy spots. A logo carving on a curve wall serves as a picturesque backdrop, offering clients a chance to take stunning photos overlooking the reception counter. Another spot is strategically placed in front of a fitting room, allowing clients to capture a reflection of the logo carving behind them through a full-body mirror.

2. Radiant Refinement
The fully refurbished restroom area boasts an alluring focal point: a backlit Bjorn-shaped mirror. This mirror, set against a backdrop of blush pink subway wall tiles, offers a perfect selfie spot that blends elegance with whimsy, encouraging clients to capture moments of self-care in style.

3. Inviting Pilates Sanctuaries
The studio's five Pilates rooms cater to various group sizes, with each room featuring a rounded, backlit mirror that reflects light and space. Arched paintings on the walls create visual intrigue while rounded partition walls offer a gentle separation. Dimmable track lights ensure a comfortable ambiance during workouts, enhancing the overall Pilates experience.

4. Nature's Accents
Green plants are thoughtfully scattered throughout the studio, infusing a touch of natural vibrancy and warmth. These minimal green accents not only contribute to the aesthetic but also promote a sense of vitality and tranquility.

In this meticulously designed Pilates studio, the fusion of earthy tones, curved aesthetics, and personalized details come together to create an inviting sanctuary of wellness. From the gracefully curved architecture to the carefully selected furnishings and intricately designed carpentry, every element harmonizes to offer clients a space where they can rejuvenate their body and spirit. This studio is a testament to the power of design to transform spaces into reflections of inner serenity and outer beauty.

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