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SQR Architecture + Interiors 289A, JALAN SUTERA
80150 Johor Jaya
Johor, Malaysia
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Contrast and balance is created throughout the design by combining modern aesthetics and tropical resort elements. The appeal of modern interiors of clean, purposeful, and neutral vibe jazzed up by incorporating tropical features in the space add so much texture, playfulness, and movement to a space that could otherwise feel rigid. Upon entering, a half height timber strips feature wall with a textured backdrop welcomes us. By utilizing the overlapping approach, lighting effect created along the foyer wall immediately exudes a warm and cozy ambience. The timber patterned ceiling is also a highlight of the space which leads our vision from front to the back of the house creating a visual axis that provides the sense of depth to the space.
By raising the central portion of the ceiling, it successfully creates the spaciousness of the living hall. The tranquil palette of the soft furnishings like the curtain and cushion elevates the coziness of the space. Combination of materials at the TV feature wall by using timber, rattan and the contemporary bronze mirror injecting a bit of glam amidst the rustic textures.
By opening up the space, the layout combines the living, dining & dry kitchen together that forms a cohesive line up that fulfil our daily needs. The island without the regular full storage body providing ample leg space for the occupants sitting there. Besides, it is aimed to open up the space to prevent it to be cramp and stuffy. The glass sliding door approach that separates the dry & wet kitchen without obstructing the depth of the space but successfully keeping the smoke and grease away.
Paradise is possible by utilizing the tropical patterned wallpaper with refreshing upholstered furnishings and saturated deep earthy color soft furnishings that adds some vibrant touch to the guest bedroom. Refined detailing of the wardrobe design and brass handles creates the lushness of the space.
Bringing the aspect of the framework element of a tropical resort, the extensive home office cum study nook at the family hall that cleverly utilize the space without making the space too tight and chunky. Layers of open shelves and drawers storage are also provided for our usage. The custom made rattan console that matches the design elements of the living hall TV feature wall continues in the family hall with two teak lounge chairs creating a soothing space to unwind.
Carrying the framework element from the home office to the master bedroom, a grand postal bed really invite the tropics into the home effortlessly. The bed is in fact suspended from the floor to allow lighting around the bed which evokes the sense of lightness the room. Furthermore, the meticulous detailing of the wardrobe enhance the lavishness of a master bedroom.
Next, the junior suite is proposed for young occupants therefore a trendy sage green and mustard palette is used in this room. Besides playing with the tones of greens, the bold & dense tropical patterned wallpapers are certain to add a sense of drama and elevate a space with a summery and sultry vibe evoking sensational tropical retreats.
Lastly, the earthy pastel pink bedroom is plush and inviting great for a young teenager to enjoy. Not forgetting the theme, tropical prints artwork are placed by the bed to enhance. The playful approach of the display shelf beside the bed incorporating deep forest green tones amidst the true and muted timber toned body jazzed up the room as well. The open wardrobe that does not only provide storage but also not obstructing & making the space tight.

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