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RM 310,000
16 weeks
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Trinity Design Sdn Bhd No19 Jalan Ros merah 2/1
Taman Johor Jaya
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Johor, Malaysia
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This is a house where an Australian scientist and his family choose to settle here. The homeowner is especially fond of the tranquility, sunshine, and nature , which has made up his choice of this corner unit.
The concept of designing this house is mainly based on the preference of the homeowners and their living habits. Hence, the layout of the house could bring with the elements of plants and sunlight.
Aside from that, since the homeowners often work away from home, it is hoped that the house could bring a sense of vacation when they get home.
In order to match the preference of the homeowners, we use plenty of solid wood colours, cement wall , and plants decoration with regards to the environment, colours , and stone parts. It is hoped that the entire space is infused with a strong natural vibes.
The family yearn for a more casual lifestyle, as seen from the homeowner’s special request for a bigger bar in the kitchen. In this way, he can enjoy making his favourite coffee at this bar every morning. Also, he gets to spend more quality time at this bar with his family and friends, leisurely chatting and sipping coffee.
As there are no children in the family, the design of the staircase boldly removes the handrail and has a custom-made area for plants at the stairwell. This will create an intimate connection with the plants, as well as reflect the intertwinement between the staircase and plants. Besides, this makes the space more integrated with the plants.
During daytime, the sunlight refracted from the patio above the stairs makes this place a highlight of the entire space. We hope that every corner in this home is embedded with its own sensory temperature at different times. Essentially, the temperatures play an important role in harmonising the atmosphere of the entire space.
To a deeper extent, our design concept priorities favourable experience with every homeowner in creating their own space.

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