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120 weeks
Completion Year
Sachi Interior Design Nouvelle Industrial Park Lot 10,
No.1, Jalan Teknologi 3/4B, Taman Sains Selangor
47810 Kota Damansara
Selangor, Malaysia
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Take a journey through an odyssey of spaces, which blend the glamour of yesteryear with the simplicity of contemporary design into an utter treat for the senses. Against the serene green landscapes of The Mines, one residence stands out. Elevated and warmly lit from the inside, we approach it via a slightly sloped driveway lined with twinkling lights.

This 15,000 square foot- home is indeed a beacon in more ways than one, casting light on its surroundings as well as on the intriguing interplay between the geometry of the space and materials.
The living room is a perfect example. Stepping into the grand space with its soaring ceiling, one is reminded of the great halls of historical manors or castles.

A honeycomb- textured wall dissolves into wooden trusses that extend up the walls and across the ceiling, acting as a backdrop to cosy family gatherings and grand soirees alike. Sunlight pours into the space through large windows, gently reflecting off the creamy marble floor and walls. Combined with the organic silhouette of a wooden coffee table as well as soft fabrics, the designers have created a peaceful refuge that doubles as an antidote to the cut and thrust of urban life.

This living room is just one of the many spaces where the family can unwind and entertain their guests. From the dining room, glazed folding doors lead to a smaller sitting area, where after-dinner conversations take place on comfy oversized sofas, in a more intimate setting.

Staying in the residence, the family has the delightful experience of being able to return to their own luxurious resort villa every day - albeit fitted with all the well-loved comforts of home. The simple act of washing up becomes an invigorating ritual, with a marble double vanity overlooking lush greenery, while the walk-through closet is transformed into a temple of class with gold-framed furniture and an open wardrobe, boutique-style.

Throughout the home you’ll find rugged raw materials interwoven into a tapestry of sleek finishes - wood aged to achieve a rustic finish paired with polished wood; raw red brick juxtaposed against smooth, cool marble. By maximising the personality and potential of each basic building material, the designers cultivate a subtle appreciation for authentic beauty - no easy feat.

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