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Earthly Treasures

Practicality isn’t only the key to the concept when it comes to the interior. Lifestyle and hidden gems is the key by altering the interior structure of this conceptual home. Adopting a luxe Balinese concept with the design approach, the overall space was structured with gems of Balinese elements which consist of rustic touch of wood surfaces, retro furnitures, refreshing landscapes and arts & crafts to lit up the mood as if one feels like on a vacation. Natural timber with selected earthly toned concept in overall are added as tasteful finishing touches to accentuate its lofty vibe.

Handmade arts and crafts which also forms into functional items such as lightings, cabinet doors and etcetera reflects a finesse in design with proper planning is an intention to leave a strong impression to visitors with something they would dream for. Each of the areas is designed with an intention of simulating a lifestyle getaway by consideration a fine balance of class and functionality.

The design comes with a hidden agenda of familiarizing visitors an impression of a vacation and owning a vacation in a future asset which they call home.

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