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Interior Design Budget
RM 400,000
12 weeks
Completion Year
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25 Jalan Bongoon Kodundungan Ganang Off Jalan Pintas (Near SK Puun Tunoh and Taman Digot)
88300 Penampang
Sabah, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

Welcome to "D’ATAS Explorers Tavern": an extraordinary hidden gem nestled in the heart of the city. Tucked away behind an unassuming façade, this maritime-themed restaurant and bar invites you to embark on a journey into the depths of the sea.
Hidden in plain sight, a discreet door masquerades as a liquor vending machine, adding an element of intrigue to the experience. As you step through this unassuming entrance, you'll find yourself in a narrow corridor adorned with weathered ropes, evoking the feeling of being on board a ship. The lighting is low, casting a mysterious and intimate ambiance throughout the space. The walls are painted in varying shades of deep blue, reminiscent of the ocean's ever-changing hues.
To the left, you'll discover a series of private cabanas, draped in billowing sailcloth. These secluded alcoves offer an exclusive retreat for patrons seeking a more intimate dining experience. Each cabana is furnished with plush seating, accented with maritime-themed decor, and strategically positioned to provide a perfect view of the entire establishment.
The centrepiece of D’ATAS is its impressive bar area, where a team of skilled mixologists expertly craft cocktails inspired by nautical adventures. The bar is designed with a striking abstract timber ship hull concept, illuminated with soft, moody lighting that casts enchanting shadows. A mosaic of maritime artifacts adorns the walls, telling stories of voyages and underwater discoveries.

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