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Interior Design & Architectural Budget
RM 250,000
20 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 400,000
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Interior Design & Architectural Project Info

The Terrace house located in Sungai Buloh with a standard lot size of 22’x75’. The client’s intention is to maximize the internal space of the house by extending it outwards front and rear.
The exterior of the house adopts a contemporary design approach integrated with lush garden, which occupied with cars.
Open plan Interior concept by connecting living, dining and kitchen spaces give large spatial effect to terrace house. At the center of the house, a double volume space is created with greenery, natural light, and shadow. The Idea of revisiting Traditional Malaysian Courtyard house applied. The original upper floor slab has been removed and some roof tiles have been replaced with clear polycarbonate roof tiles to bring in natural light.
The upper floor, solid walls have been replaced with sliding windows to promote cross ventilation and user interaction between the two floors. This space has become the heart of the house where the family members interact in a natural setting.
Floor and wall cement finishes keeping the monolithic effect by highlighting the quality of light, shadow, and space. Cement is a primitive material that has been used since old days in Malaysia. This has been enhanced by the delicately by a selected mixture of modern and antique wooden furniture.
At the upper floor, each bedroom is closely connected with greenery. The master bedroom has a front garden above the car porch. The master bathroom and the master bedroom are visually linked as one space, only separated by the curtain when needed.

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