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16 weeks
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A HOME FOR 2 is located within a prominent residential neighborhood in the northern part of Kuala Lumpur. Originally a 10 years old terrace house with its interior starting to show its age, the client requested a brand-new homey interior space. The design revamps the entire interior spaces while maintaining most of the exterior facade features.
The house is permanently occupied by two persons, thus the existing 4 bedrooms layout is reduced to become 2 bedrooms - one master bedroom and one multipurpose guest room. Guestroom is requested to be conceived as a multi-purpose TV or study room. This led to the intention of creating a more universal and free internal spaces by removing unnecessary partition walls, all spaces pivoted around a central naturally-lit double-volume courtyard lounge space.
From the car porch gate, the internal space is visually protected by a wave pattern metal screen. A user is next greeted by the front courtyard garden next to the living room before entering the house. Upon stepping in, a spacious well-lit interior connected from front to end create a contrasting sensation from the house’s modest external impression.
Towards the back, a rear courtyard is formed by a new 2-storeys vertically-laid brick wall. The privacy of the rear kitchen, dining, bedroom, and open concept bathroom at first floor is protected from the neighbors by the new enveloped space with landscape and raw brick laying patterns.
Sunlight is introduced to the central space by removing the first floor and using clear roof tiles skylights. The entire ground floor is linked from front to back of the house with big window openings for maximum cross ventilation. On the first floor, a new delicate and lightweight bridge gently link the front and back portion of the house. The perforated floor allows maximum daylight filtered through onto the ground and together with the randomly-placed roof tile skylights we witness an animating light and shadow play on the interior planes.
A basic palette of black and white is introduced as a main color approach for the house to bring out space and textures. The living room, courtyard, and dining are kept bright white while the kitchen and master bedroom are in a more soothing darker shade. Across the entire interior spaces, the basic architectural form and geometry are kept pure. This allows the flexibility for the placement of some richer textured and slightly more flamboyant color and form furniture pieces and accessories for the purpose of highlighting a certain space.

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