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The exchange of ideas between the designer and owner saw to the starting of the case in original elements, blended with avant-garde ideas to create a unique design effect. The intertwining of original ad Avant0-garde approach gave birth to endless distinctive styles.
Most of the walls in the house are in the original cement form, just like in the living room. The black sofa set in the room exudes calmness while the other side has straight stainless steel standing in irregular ways to become the best decoration to separate the living room and dining hall. There is a small bar at the left side of the living room that is very refined while the brick surface wall serves as storage spaces to reveal an original charm. The concrete wall is more obvious at the staircase as one goes up steps. The lighting the lit up parts pf the wall also offers a different flavour to the design.
The spaces in the house are fully utilized, like the comfortable theatre room that allows the owner to enjoy private audio-visual moments. The master bedroom is roomy where light and dark shades of brown are cleverly used to bring out the owner's calm and steady manner. Other than that, the cloak room has the layout of an exquisite boutique for the placement of different clothing. There is also a loft to carve out a separate private area. Meeting the owner's preference, the designer also set aside a model collection room and private working area where many pillars near the ceiling are preserved to present the authenticity of original structure and yet Avant-garde.

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