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Interior Design Budget
RM 250,000
8 weeks
Completion Year
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Lot 835, Ground Floor, Block 216, Lorong 10, Jln. Field Force, Jln Batu Kawah
93250 Kuching
Sarawak, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

We embrace a design concept that seamlessly intertwines the rugged allure of ranch-style aesthetics with a contemporary, inviting ambiance. Our vision is to curate a space where the spirit of Western hospitality meets the sleek and clean lines of modern design, creating an experience that marries comfort, sophistication and the joy of wholesome dining.

The design pays homage to the timeless appeal of a ranch lifestyle by utilizing a palette of warm, earthy tones such as browns, tans, muted greens and shades of grey/charcoal. This establishes a grounding yet inviting ambiance throughout the space.

The interior exudes modern industrial elements through carefully selected materials such as wood, stone and metal accents. These textures add depth and character to the space, reflecting the rugged and authentic nature of ranch living.

The layout embraces an open and inviting floor plan, encouraging a seamless flow of movement and fostering a sense of togetherness. Spacious dining areas and strategically placed seating facilitate lively conversations and communal dining experience.

Thoughtfully places lighting fixtures, including fluted pendant lights in brass/grey finish and embedded linear strip lights, cast a warm glow that enhances the modern rustic atmosphere. Ample natural light, streaming through the large glazing, celebrates the beauty of outdoors and connects diners with the environment.

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