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Project Overview

Interior Design Budget
RM 300,000
13 weeks
Completion Year
DMS Interior & Service Lot 3-33A, 3rd Floor, Ikon Connaught
56000 Cheras
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

Modern design is the main concept for this case, throgh the designer’s ideas, the unique construction of the house interprets the residence’s warm character.

The ingenious arrangement of space begins at the intertwining living room and dining hall white the staircase acts as a connecting point. The living room is on the upper floor while the dining hall is beneath it, both at different levels but one can look at the dining hall from the living room and vice versa to make it a special feature for the home. To create a more unified link, both spaces use brown and white furniture and sven the pattern of the wallpaper is the same. The elongated shape crystal chandelier hangs above the staircase to lead on visually from the living room to the dining hall that completes the space.

Details are not neglected in the overall design. There is a blue lighting in the middle of the stairway with simple glasses ornaments that look exquisite under the effect. Also, the living hall leads to a small bar and into the kitchen. The kitchen design in open style is airy that is also spacious making it more convenient for cooking.

The master bedroom is also in brown to create warmth with some wooden furniture. The designer has paid close attention into each details of the room. There is a balcony and in front of the floor - to - ceiling window is a wardrobe while the different area are separated with a rope device to let the owner decide how to utilize the spaces. In the girl’s bedrooms the romantic pink and purple dominate the space, like in one of the rooms where the wallpaper is like petals dropping that instantly transforms the space to look more interesting.

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