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A cozy place to relax and study. With a dining area (café) and an area for reading and homework for students, this floor plan is ideal for multipurpose establishments. Indoor garden cafe theme ideas are also pretty popular these days. These types of cafe interiors give the customers a breath of fresh air and if you combine the green cover with ample amount of sunlight by putting up large glass windows and doors, you can create a very organic, feel-good, ‘out in nature’ kind of ambience. Many vegan and eco-friendly coffee shops follow such cafe theme ideas.
To work on such a theme the first step is to create an ample amount of space to place all your plants. It’s ideal to create layers or rows of such spaces instead of just one. More than plants the better! These layers could be anywhere – on the floor, on your walls, or you can use hanging pots in different shapes and sizes and hang them from the ceiling.
You can also use steel beams to create frames upon which you can put your potted plants or give a structure to your climbers. Keep your walls and furniture simple and use yellow lights to build an ambience of relaxation and comfort..

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