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Interior Design Budget
RM 350,000
13 weeks
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A Way of Life so Down to Earth

Simple, natural and comfortable. These are the expectations the owner had on his new residence, which have been skillfully translated into the design though clever lighting and minimal embellishments, in an effort extend the visual horizon as well as to broaden the area.

Maturity and serenity are what this abode worships. The dark-toned furniture has played their parts in this perfectly; they exude depth and breadth while bringing warmth to the family. This has been further amplified by the exquisite Chinese sculptures adorning the televesion wall which at the same time present an unmistakable uniqueness oozing the Oriental charm.

Wallpaper sprawl all over the space, from the ground floor right up to the first floor. Its many facets and designs paint the home’s different regions meant for various purposes. The lines are fluid, they bring out the aura of opulence and comfort peculiar to tasteful abodes.

A living attitude that never leaves the ground - that’s the designer’s careful interpretation of the owner’s lifestyle pursuit.

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