Project Overview

3 weeks
Completion Year
HQ 16-2-8 Jalan Sri Jati 1, Taman Sri Jati
58200 Jalan Klang Lama (Old Klang Road)
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Architectural Project Info

A space where ideas, creativity and nature flourish... 12e is an interior design firm, every detail was well thought out to create a space which is as inspiring for those working there as clients visiting it. A façade clad in vertical timber strips forms a favorable first impression, this design element creates pleasing visual rhythm and shadows with the aid of strategically placed lighting. This affinity with the natural extends within the office where bare finishes are favored from the concrete floor to mild steel detailing. Apart from being an aesthetic choice, it underlines the company’s eco-conscious agenda to minimize unnecessary wastage of resources. Natural sunlight illuminates the office during the work day, a feature enjoyed by the whole office as the flexible work tops can be moved around to catch the best light while being adaptable enough to suit the designers’ requirements for solo work or team meetings. When work days extend to evenings, LED lighting have been installed throughout to maximize energy efficiency. Adding a touch of nature to the environment, hydro phonic planting areas were created in the front and back of the office. Comprising of decorative plants and an edible garden, this is a pleasant diversion for designers in between work responsibilities.

Architectural Works Included

Architectural Project Areas

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