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About Dayu Design Studio

<<Interior design shall not just about photographed beauty.>>

At DÀYÚ Design Studio, we reinforce the concept where design is a professional tool to increase the value of spaces; provide quality spatial experience to user by all means and yet achieve good balance between beauty and functionality at all time. Our name “大鱼” literally means gargantuan; these 2 characters are homophones of the first & last character in “大智若愚”,an idea that resembling craftsman spirit, exhorts individual to hold humble manner and practice continuous self-improving at all times. We are inspired to practice the great idea and grow our studio into a reputable Gargantuan.

From design conceptualization to construction drawings and project management, we take pride on the quality we delivered. As such, we conduct thorough briefing with client and develop extensive research to build-up particular profile for each single project. From there, we test-out various concepts, and undertake rigorous consideration to implement the optimal solution respond to client’s lifestyle & all needs. We believe every project shall exude their own uniqueness and style of space as there is no 1-for-all solution that can fit perfectly to different individuals’ needs and vision.

Practice Craftsman spirit continuously, committed multiplying values of given spaces.

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