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19,456 Malaysia Kitchen Architect & Interior Designer Ideas in Malaysia

How do I determine my kitchen design layout is one of the most common question for home owners renovating their kitchen in Malaysia. How you plan on using your kitchen will determine your kitchen design layout. You need to decide what kitchen accessories you want to have. As most food preparation is related to the stove, sink, and refrigerator, access to these parts should be ideal and straightforward. You should also think about storage and how you intend to use them. For example, floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets are a great way to optimize kitchen space. It is also a good idea to add countertops as they are essential in accommodating your electrical appliances, food preparation, and dining needs (for smaller spaces). A good kitchen layout design should have accessible cabinet and counter heights, and plenty of room to move around. More »

What features should I consider for my new kitchen design?

Cabinets are the defining features of a kitchen design. You want them to look good, act as functional storage, and be easily cleaned. Depending on your budget and needs, there are 3 ways to go about your kitchen cabinet designs: stock cabinets, semi-custom, or custom. You also have the option of adding organization accessories to enhance storage.

Countertops are the aesthetic focus of the kitchen design because of their size and utility. The most common ones are granite, butcher block, and terrazzo. Other materials include ceramic tiles, marble, quartz, and concrete. Compare prices and functionality to see what works for your cooking styles and budget.

Your kitchen floor should be easy clean and hard to stain. Some good choices for kitchen flooring include ceramic tiles, marble, granite, and laminate, as they are all durable and require little maintenance.

When deciding on a kitchen sink, you should factor in the material and sink (with faucet) types, configuration, and mounting. Depending on your washing needs and kitchen space, choose between an undermount sink (where the edge of the sink is mounted below the countertop) that makes it easier to wipe food waste or liquids into the sink, or a drop-in sink (where the edge of the sink is mounted above the countertop). Choose a tap that suits the style of your kitchen (modern or classic) and select a faucet that sticks out further into the sink as shorter ones are impractical for dish-washing.

The right lighting is also important to illuminate the cooking and prep areas which especially need to be well-lit.

Most appliances come in different styles and features that may benefit your workflow, cooking style, or the aesthetics of your kitchen. Do you want the microwave oven to have a touchscreen or physical controls? Do you want to install a powerful hob and hood to your cook top? Would you prefer a built-in or freestanding refrigerator? These are some questions that you should ask yourself and your local kitchen designers in Malaysia.

What are some popular kitchen design trends in Malaysia?

A popular kitchen design trend in Malaysia is the minimalist kitchen. The key to this is clean lines, streamlined features, and handle-less appliances.

The other popular kitchen design trend in Malaysia involves the functionality of kitchen cabinets. Kitchen storage has always been an issue especially for apartment dwellers with small kitchens. The solution for this is multi-purpose or foldable furniture and fixtures such as kitchen such as multi-functional kitchen islands (for prep and dining), foldable countertops, and multi-purpose food trolleys.

What are the best types of material for kitchen countertops in Malaysia?

Marble is a good choice as it is elegant and timeless, as well as highly resistant to heat, cracks, and breakage. Ceramic tiles and butcher blocks are similarly suitable and have an added bonus of being cost efficient. Granite is not only versatile and tough, but is also stain-resistant and sleek. Stainless steel is a favourite among Malaysian professional chefs as it is virtually impervious to heat and bacteria. It is a smart choice for your kitchen if the space is outfitted with commercial-style appliances, and if you don’t mind wiping up the fingerprints regularly.

How can remodel my kitchen without spending too much in Malaysia?

You should allocate your budget based on how you plan to have the renovation. Unless you are only replacing the laminate on your kitchen door, the idea is to use the budget on features and fittings that you don’t foresee replacing in the near future. You should also evaluate the importance of purely aesthetic features, such as the interior fittings on cabinets and the intricate crown moldings, to keep costs low. Alternatively, you can discuss with your kitchen supplier in Malaysia on cheap kitchen cabinet designs. When budgeting, you should not forget the labour costs if you call in you local contractors or carpenters for building, wiring, and painting. These costs usually eat up a third of your total renovation budget in Malaysia. You can also ask a few local contractors for their kitchen renovation guide, list, or quote to be fully informed on your options.