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5,742 Malaysia Bathroom Architect & Interior Designer Ideas in Malaysia

To make the most out of my bathroom design and space, you need to decide what layout and design your bathroom should have so that the location of the features can allow for ease of use and the efficiency of movement. Secondly, consider your lifestyle, bathroom usage frequency, number of users, and bathroom location. Half baths are small and can be outfitted with a sink and a toilet. This is commonly known as a ‘powder room’, and is generally located near the front entrance. Light tones and colours, as well as floating vanities and toilets can help to create a perception of space. Three-quarter baths are rooms that do not include a bathtub, but they do have a sink, toilet, and shower; and are considered an ideal second bath. Corner or pentangle showers are best fits for these types of bathrooms. Full bathrooms are often located off the hall and serve adjacent bedrooms. They are usually big enough to accommodate a proper bathtub, a sink and a toilet. You should invest in a high quality toilet if you are going for a full bathroom, as toilet renovations are expensive and involve a lot of work. Master bathrooms are part of master bedrooms and are usually intended for private use of the bedroom occupants. A master bathroom can include a separate shower stall and bathtub and a toilet. A bathroom with multiple users can have a vanity with two sinks, or separate bathroom vanities for even more space and flexibility. More »

What’s involved in plumbing repairs and bathroom renovation in Malaysia?

Have a budget to help you decide what to spend for your bathroom renovation, such as the materials, fixtures, and labour. The timeline for a bathroom renovation will depend on the size of the renovation project. Even so, you should prepare for unexpected delays. Make sure you plan for the necessary arrangements during the ongoing renovation, such as having a spare bathroom to use while the other is is being worked on. You should also keep an eye out for any hidden problems, such as water damage, leaky pipes, and structural deficiencies in the floor framing, which may require plumbing repairs. Take note of the measurements of the overall size of your bathroom, the location of existing plumbing pipes and electrical wiring, as well as the standard dimensions of bathroom fixtures. It is vital to have the right measurements to avoid purchasing the wrong items. If complex works such as electrical and plumbing are required, you should hire a contractor to tackle them instead of spending extra time and money hiring a plumber later to repair the damage from fixing attempts.

How do I maintain the plumbing system in my home in Malaysia?

Watch for signs of plumbing failures, such as leaky pipes and faucets, damp cabinets, or rocking toilets. Leaky pipes and faucets will damage the sink fixtures and encourage the growth of mold and mildew. If there is improper plumbing in your home, locate the main shut-off valve for the home water supply. Turn off the water supply to your kitchen and home appliances to prevent further damage and avoid a messy cleanup. You should know where your household’s main sewer valve is located if you have a clogged sewer line. Make sure you stay on top of these problems to keep the toilets clean and dry. With a little plumbing knowledge and some tools, you will be able to tackle small problems like blocked water pumps, malfunctioning centrifugal pumps, water backflow, shower repairs, and other emergency leaks. You can always call a plumber if all else fails or for other issues involving septic tanks or sewage repairs and cleaning.

How do I detect leaks in my bathroom, and how do I fix them?

Drain leaks occur when water seeps out from outside the drain connected to the bathtub. Unscrew the drain flange from above, clean it, and apply silicone caulk. Remove the rubber gasket from under the bathtub’s drain hole and replace it with a new one. Tile leaks occur when water seeps through deteriorating grout or caulk and gets into the walls behind the tiles. You can fix this either by reattaching the tiles, grout, and caulk, or by installing new backer boards and tiles. Toilet flange leaks occur where the toilet meets with the waste pipe below, and water seeps out when you flush. If the flange is too low, install a plastic flange riser over the existing flange. If the flange or bolt slots are broken, install a metal repair flange. Sink rim leaks occur when water seeps from under the rim or the base of the faucet. Tighten the faucet base and turn the mounting nuts beneath it. Then recaulk the sink rim and tighten the clips under the sink rim that clamps the sink to the countertop.