With only one theme in mind, the homeowner of this condominium unit wanted to be transported to Japan whenever he walks through the front door.

Having worked together before, Matt Design exchanged reference photos and mood boards with the homeowner as they easily manoeuvred through ideas and concepts before starting on the home.

The interior design firm took only 4 months to completely redesign the space into a home that looks like it belongs on a Pinterest board. Using neutral tones, clean lines, and wooden furnishing, Matt Design managed to design a gorgeous space with a distinctly Asian flair. Joyce Ng, the designer, calls it one of her most memorable projects because of its unique design and concept.

Joyce walked us through the home starting with the entryway that opens into the kitchen. To give the illusion of depth and space, the designers opted for white paint for the walls and ceiling. Meanwhile, the kitchen takes on a sleek pristine look with subway tiles for the backsplash and off-white cabinets. Choosing to retain the original kitchen tiles, Joyce distinguished the dry (common) areas from the wet (kitchen) area by creating a platform for the living-dining space. It is made of laminated plywood floorboards that mimic traditional Japanese homes.

The partition separating the kitchen and living room is a prominent feature that was not part of the initial plan. Joyce says that the homeowner initially wanted an open concept home to manage the lack of space but could not get permits to hack the walls. Turning a problem into an opportunity, the team created a partition that still allowed for visual continuity, making the space appear larger.

As you step through the unit, you will find partitions in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. This was designed to give the homeowner privacy. The walkway from the living space to the bathroom features sliding doors with wood and shoji panels to allow guests to walk past the sleeping quarters without causing interruptions.

The bedroom draws from the Japanese concept of simplicity and comfort as Joyce and her team opted only for woodwork and white decor. To maintain the sleek look of the space, they built storage spaces into the walls and platforms, further enhancing the openness of the home.

Overall, the home evokes a zen and cosy vibe that flows through the space, even with the presence of partitions. Marrying raw materials with contemporary decor, Matt Design’s team successfully curated a home that’s both calming and functional. You would never have guessed that this project was the firm’s first small space venture and having not worked on a themed home like this before. the designers clearly have outdone themselves.

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