Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Get the Coolest Bathroom of them All!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Get the Coolest Bathroom of them All!

Matt Ho by Matt Ho on Jul 23, 2016
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Improve your bathroom décor (and reflections) with these cool mirrors.

Don’t like what you see in the bathroom mirror? We can’t help you with that, we can however, help you improve the mirror!

When we think of bathroom mirrors, we immediately imagine the basic mirror; a piece of reflective glass with a simple frame around it. But it’s time to add form to these functional piece.

These 7 ideas will inspire you to create your very own mirror-cle in the bathroom. No, not that kind.

1 Don’t be Square

The easiest way to make your mirror stand out is to opt for an unconventional shape.

vintage bathroom mirrors

SOURCE: L: Pinterest user indulgy.com; R: Pinterest user TidbitsandTwine

Most vintage styles offer interesting shapes and intricate designs. It’s the perfect way to add a statement piece to your bathroom without adding unnecessary accessories that will clutter the space.

venetian mirror

SOURCE: wayfair.com

vintage wall mirror

SOURCE: de-lune.com

Ikea sells a gorgeous and versatile piece for RM69.

Ung drill mirror

SOURCE: Ikea.com

2 Frame it Up

Turn your mirror into a work of art, literally, by putting a frame around it. The more unique the frame, the bigger the wow factor.

framed mirror

SOURCE: victory-eu.org

unique mirror frames

SOURCE: L: patscolor.com; R: homeoidal.com

3 Pair it Up

Create a look that’s twice as stunning by duplicating the mirror. This style is usually paired with double sinks, but multiple mirrors could be used over a long single-sink counter top as an alternative to one large mirror.

double sink mirrors

SOURCE: homerical.com

double bowl mirror

SOURCE: fasshionretailnews.com

double round mirrors

SOURCE: homicious.com

4 The Mirror Wall

Why stop at 2 mirrors when you can have a whole wall. Get different sizes and/or designs of mirrors and hang them in a gallery-wall-style arrangement.

bathroom mirror gallery

SOURCE: decoratorsnotebook.wordpress.com

mirror gallery

SOURCE: L: decoist.com; R: ultimatechristoph.com

Be sure to arrange the mirrors so that they complement instead of compete against one another. A good way to ensure that the mirrors are complementary is to choose frames of similar materials and/or colour.

wooden mirror gallery

SOURCE: hgtvhome.com

5 String it up

While most mirrors are hung on the wall, suspending it from a visible rope or wire is a great way to add an element of interest and rusticity.

round stringed mirrors

SOURCE: L: drivenbydecor.com; R: thesec.org

You can choose from a variety of materials to hang the mirror, such as thick ropes to create a nautical theme or wire for a more modern, industrial vibe. Just be sure that it’s secure and can withstand the weight of the mirror.

nautical rope mirrors

SOURCE: hungrypost.com; R: woodwaves.com

It works on different mirror shapes too!

Square stringed mirror

SOURCE: worldmarket.com

6 Light it Up

A backlight can give a glamorous update to a simple mirror. You can either buy mirrors with built-in lights or add them yourself.

backlit mirrors

SOURCE: L: illuminated-mirrors.uk.com; R: primehomedecor.com

Illuminated mirrors are perfect for applying makeup and taking bathroom selfies. They’re also great for bathrooms with little natural light. Just be sure to use soft lighting instead of fluorescent bulbs.

bathroom mirror lights

SOURCE: L: detailmediaproject.com; R: bycandarell.com

7 Supersize It

Extra-large mirrors aren’t just impressive, they also help to distribute light within a confined space. This works best if you have a large wall to play with. Alternatively, you can install mirrors on your cabinets to create the same affect.

large mirror bathroom

SOURCE: Memorabledecor.com

Large mirrors don’t just work for bigger bathrooms. Try a relatively large mirror (not too supersized) in a small bathroom to create an illusion of a bigger bathroom.

mirror small bathroom

SOURCE: mihomeguide.com

Cover image from hgtvhome.com and ultimatechristoph.com

Why you should care

Improve your bathroom décor (and reflections) with these cool mirrors.

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